Mastery – How to Learn Anything Fast by Nishant Kasibhatla (Transcript)

Do you agree with that? Thank you very much.

Of course, the last step is SHARE. Raise your hand, if you heard this thing before, the best way to learn something is to teach it. Thank you, you all heard that. And that is so true.

When you learn something, just output it, just share it with other people. Now, if you don’t know, if you don’t want to teach, you could just share it, you could just discuss it.

But what happens is when you share things with other people, what you’re doing is you’re helping your brain to pay more attention. And then you will be on your path to mastery.

So I have not seen anyone who became a master at something just by doing the input. They all became masters by doing the input and more of the output.

So I have a question for you. When you are learning something new, how much time do you spend on learning? And how much time do you spend on reflecting, on implementing, and on sharing?

And if you’re not spending more time on input than output, that’s not a good thing.

Now, coming back to the numbers I memorized. I know you’re wondering how I memorized these numbers. Now for that, I have a simple system. It’s called visualization and association.

How many of you believe that the brain remembers pictures better? Yes. That’s the reason why we always say I’ve seen you somewhere. Sorry, what’s your name? Do you ever say I know your name? What’s your face? Doesn’t happen, because that’s the way the human brain works.

So what I do is I have pre-assigned visuals for every two-digit number. So, as Angelo was calling these numbers to me, what I did was, I tried to, you know, convert those into the visuals that I already have. And I use association to link them up together.

Now if you’re wondering, Nishant, how did you so fast, that is where implementation comes. When you practice, and you implement it. That’s how you become a true master.

When I do these workshops, people can do this at the end of one day or two days. It’s not that easy if you know the right technique.

Now, coming back to this thing. I have a simple solution for you before I close, and this is this. If you’re spending X amount of time on input, my suggestion is at least spend 2X amount of time on output. And when you do that you are well on your way to be a master at achieving anything you want.

Because I messed up a couple of digits, I want to challenge myself. I got inspired after Manoj speech; I’m going to challenge myself and turn out my fear and face my fear. And what I’m going to do is just take one more minute.

I’ll try to recall this number one more time after speaking for 20 minutes. OK, No, if it doesn’t go well just cut this out from the YouTube.

So, I’ll recall these numbers, in the backward sequence, challenging myself. Who knows?

4352615928913770… not yet…30237684… it’s 021777

Thank you very much.


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