Medical Mystery Revealed: Wim Hof (Full Transcript)

Wim Hof at TEDxBreda

Full text of Dutch athlete Wim Hof’s talk: Medical mystery revealed at TEDxBreda conference.

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Wim Hof – The Iceman

Thank you.

This is what they saw first time in a scientific history after 250 years of data, acknowledging scientifically… they saw for the first time that a man…human… the human physiology now is capable of influencing deeply into the autonomic nervous system.

That related to the immune system, means that we are going to look completely different toward disease and toward pain.

And, yes, I did it.

I teach doctors nowadays and therapists and I work with professors and I only have a technical school: I learned to paint.

But I believe… I believe we can do more than we think we can. And now, yes, we got these breakthroughs. And yes, I believe now it’s time to change our psychology.

In the third year of the university books in the USA, all the universities, they have included a chapter calling The Iceman’. That’s about me.

But meanwhile, they explain comparative study. As you saw these young people just trained in four days time to be able to influence deeply into the autonomic nervous system and the bacteria injected therefore, had no chance.

Within a quarter of hour, compared to thousands of test subjects before who had no significant influence into the process of this bacteria on their immune system, they became sick, uncontrolled shivering, headaches. And it was not nice to be there three to six hours sick in the bed. Because you couldn’t do anything into your system to block the reaction of this bacteria on your immune system.

And now these persons I trained in four days. In four days, they were very capable to endure, say the cold to minus 27° on top of a big mountain in shorts, dancing the Harlem shake, all of them. When we went on the slopes, it was on the Czech Polish border. We walked up and it was minus 10° when we began.

After one and a half hour, we came to the ridge, which is the border at the center. Then these Czech soldiers came; these military people and they looked like ninjas, completely covered because it was minus 17°. They came over the Ridge and then they saw a group of persons in shorts coming up, couldn’t understand, but we made nice selfies.

And we went on to the top. And yes, at the top, it was minus 27 and we danced the Harlem shake together. And yes, then I knew I was convinced, “Hey, these guys, they are back and have tapped into their deeper potential the way nature meant it to be in every person. But they did it and awakened it in four days of time.”

And four days later, they were in a hospital and yes, they were injected and they had 100% score. Everybody had a control over the immune system in the deepest levels, not recognized by science up till then to be possibly influenced. And they did it all.

And so I did it also with 26 people, ranging to 65 years from 22 years, having all kinds of diseases like Crohn’s, Roma, MS, Cancer, Asthma, Coronary disease, by-passes, and all that, 65 years old and going to 6,000 meters in three days.

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And all the physiologists and experts, they told us “it’s not possible to do that. We don’t want to link our name with your expedition. The people are going to die. Humanly, physiologically, this is not possible to be done.”

And yes, maybe they are right. We didn’t do it in three days. We did it in two days.

I don’t hear these experts anymore. They thought it to be that way. We got these old ways of thinking patterns and they are laying it upon us, upon our children. “You cannot do this… You cannot do this… You got to do this… You got to do this.”

Industries who gain a lot of money because… and I don’t want to be political, but this is the old way of thinking. The food industry and the medicine industry… they are really not here to feed us or to heal us, they are here to make money. And that’s the old way of thinking, possibly originated from being insecure, having a fear and ‘I have to take care of my thing’. This narrowing consciousness.

And I think right now, and has been proven that we are able to tap in to the endocrine systems, the immune systems, deeply up till the autonomic nervous system level. And it’s in the books everywhere in the world now. And so maybe still has to come here, substantially, in the books here in the Netherlands.

But USA already is doing this. And soon we have new studies with the Harvard. It’s all in there. And it shows that we are actually:

  • Very capable of preventing from disease
  • Very capable of influencing into our energy management on cell level
  • Very capable to get in our DNA
  • Very capable, thus to intervene and direct our happiness, strength and health.

We all got the tools now, and we have shown this with thousands of results. This time we will change the psychology to become happy, strong, and healthy. It’s like love.

What do you want for your kid? Do you want it to be healthy, strong, and a lot of energy, powerful? I think so. I think that’s love.

And now chemically, it has been shown that we are able to intervene into the endocrine systems — the hormones etc. If you want to be happy and you translate it into chemistry, you see oxytocin, melatonin and serotonin, the material trip to mind, all those hormones.

When you see power, energy, you see adrenaline, epinephrine and cortisol and all that. We have shown in the hospital, lying in bed, doing certain kind of breathing exercises and using the mind. The mind later… still have nine minutes. I see, okay.

Lying in bed and producing more adrenaline-controlled stress hormone than somebody looking into an abyss. Abyss you know, deep down like 500 meters, something like that. And having fear and needing to jump, making a big bungee jump.

They compared the blood results and they saw these people lying in bed without a trigger, without a truck coming toward them at a hundred kilometers, no danger whatsoever, completely controlled, completely still, to be able to tap into the deepest part of our brain: the brainstem, the reptilian brain, the reactionary brain, which reacts. It doesn’t think, it reacts.

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And we are able to tap in. Bam! 

So, influencing into the brainstem as deep as that one, producing adrenaline controlled bam is a medicine. We don’t need all these medicines. We have our own. And then inject it with this bacteria. In 15 minutes, all hundred percent score, everybody had control.

And then the immune systems. It was not possible to intervene in the workings of the immune systems in the physiology of it. And now they saw it is. It is.

Last year when it was published, I felt I’m going to get the Nobel Prize or something. Why? Because the first time scientifically shown that the autonomic nervous system in relationship to the immune system can be deeply influenced. It’s going to change our vision toward disease.

And everybody does want no disease. We want to be healthy and strong and have control over our mood. No depression, be happy, be nice here right now. 

And it came out on television, in the best of medical magazines, like Nature and Panache, came out. And yes, then in some festival the man with the beard who appeared with the dress was more important. I thought, what world is this? Why are we fighting for?

The way I mindset at these guys to go to Poland with me and train in cold in just a couple of days, I told them, “listen guys, you know about mindset – no NLP, no this, no believing, just one thing: We are going to win the greatest war ever. That war which caused so much misery, so much pain, so much hopelessness. The war of the bacteria, the virus and vaccine.

And they were on. They understood. They felt it is time. We are possibly there to be able to change. And they changed psychologically.

And yes, in four days they were not only dancing the Harlem shake on top of it. And they drank like templates in the night. But during the day, and we had a lot of fun in music and all that. So it’s not about being puritan all the time.

There is a big, vast space for freedom, for your free choice, we are not going to be like a dogmatic onto it. These guys, yes. In four days of time, they were very able to change the history of science by doing it, by believing it, changing the psychology to believe.

Standing here, you have an ice cube right now, maybe yes or no, it doesn’t matter. I got a tank over here. I’m at the university. I need to go in there. People are drawing blood from my veins and to test it later on, on laboratory setting. And yes, they do it. And just standing there, I need to go in the tank for 80 minutes. Ice cubes up till here, they melt and they are refilled. And this is the way it’s going to be.

So I just say to myself, “I’m going to be over there. Okay, I’m ready.”

Then they took the blood and they send it for analysis to laboratory setting. And they saw in the blood cells without moving, that the thought signal was responsible for producing 300% more metabolic activity in the cell.

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Just a thought. What is your belief?

Do you believe that you are able to intervene within your psychology to become happy, strong, and healthy? And just four days it took me to bring these 18 people to this point where they were very able to tap in with their mind, into their body and resist a bacteria. Not only alter the pain minus 27°, they did not feel the pain.

Therefore, they had an immense connection with this internal natural power within. And it made them happy, strong. And we danced the Harlem shake up there.

So even in the extremes, we are able to go up to those extremes and deal with it, neutralize the power of the impact.

And we are able to go to the moon and make these iPhones, which have now 50 years, almost 50 years after the Apollo 13 went to the moon and one step for a man and a huge step for a human mankind etc. And the fruits of our mind went on.

And we got iPhones who have more intelligence than the whole project of NASA with Apollo 13 together. It’s all in a little iPhone. The technology is beautiful. 

Actually, we don’t need so much technology anymore, but it’s time that we not only develop beautiful technology, amazing technology, but become this time happy, strong, and healthy. And we got the data to prove that it is possible for every person in this world, very accessible just in a couple of days.

If I had a little bit more time, I would do an exercise with you guys, and you would be astound of your physical and psychic ability. We have to go back to the inner nature the way nature has meant it to be. We alienated there from, and now we got to go back.

That means going back to love, strength, health, and happiness. And that’s my story.

And we keep on proving this scientifically on all over the world. I just got back from Hollywood 4605, like the rocket, you know, new rocket. This time explode into expanded consciousness. Yeah, that’s our goal.

We don’t need to go to Mars. We live on the most beautiful place of all the universe called the earth.

And in the Bible, it says we are made by the appearance of God and any scripture tells compassion and love. That’s the message. They’ve only fight. This time we are going to show scientifically that we are able to make happen our own happiness, strength and health for our children and for the Earth.

Thank you.

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