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Microbiome: Gut Bugs and You by Warren Peters (Full Transcript)

What are the nutritional features that we can do to help our own biome?

So, first of all, we have the refined carbohydrates and the processed foods. You’re probably aware that of the 600,000 foods that are manufactured in America today, 72% of them have added sugar. That did not happen by accident.

Sugar is addicting. That processed food is beginning to actually alter our biome to make us less and less healthy.

So obviously, I teach my patients to just – when they go to a grocery store, just shop around the periphery where they have real food – well, except for the deli maybe – but real food, don’t go into that sinister middle section unless you need toilet paper or something. But that’s where the real food is, is there.

Eat real food, because that’s what our body is set up for. And then eating our vegetables, and a lot of the fermented vegetables, so your kimchi, and your sauerkraut, and your kefir, and your yogurt, all of these natural biome foods should be part of our everyday diet.

And when we think about eating some healthy fats like avocados and walnuts and these kind of things, that’s very important to create a healthy biome. And the biome needs protein, so good quality protein can be a very important feature.

Well, I like to think about the lifestyles in addition to nutrition that could help our biome. And believe it or not, our gut bugs have a circadian rhythm. They have a night and day rhythm just like we do. And there are scientists that are doing research on the circadian rhythms of bacteria.

And so when you don’t sleep, your bugs don’t sleep, and they need sleep. So it’s really important to have that kind of lifestyle where you get sleep.

And believe it or not, exercise also stimulates a healthy balance of the microbiome. You begin to see a trend here, don’t you?

So, then the one that I thought was just scary, horrible is that our use of antibiotics in America – 70% of all the antibiotics that are used in America are used to feed the animals from which we get our eggs and milk and meat and so on – 70%!

Why do they do that? Because you give antibiotics to an animal and it gets fat faster, and it goes to market quicker.

So 70% – ever wonder why we’re getting more bacteria resistance? And think of all of you – you know, the first time you get a sniffle – “I’ve got a cold. Oh, I’ve got to get rid of this. Oh, I better call my doctor and ask for a Zipac or something,” you know “Quick, a Zipac!”

Every time you treat your viral infections with an antibiotic, as in bacterial, it changes your biome. So if you do need antibiotics, be sure and follow up with your probiotics, your kefir, your sauerkraut, your kimchi, whatever you prefer.

You’ve got to repopulate your bowel if indeed, you have to use antibiotics. So, gut bug cultivation. You know, we should start a primer on this, you know, there should be something like, “Gut Bugs for Dummies” or something like that.

So first of all, we have to respect them. You know, they’re 90% of who we are – all of our cells; they’re there. And certainly, we want to take good care of them, we want to make sure that they get the proper sleep, the proper exercise. And if you have happy bugs, you’re going to be a healthy person.

Thank you very much.

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