Mohammed Qahtani: The Power of Words at Toastmasters International (Transcript)

Mohammed Qahtani: I did not know, it’s this big.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we did the semifinals and I won — they asked me to say it something. And I said, honestly, I didn’t prepare anything because I did not expect to win. And I’m coming here today and again, I did not expect to win. But I want you to think about what are your challenges and what are the things that you think is impossible, because this was impossible. Not just for me, but for almost everybody who knows me. And yet here it is, I don’t want to say it again, but if I can do this, think about that thing that you thought you could never do. Or you just gave up on because, maybe it’s way up ahead and I cannot do it. And when you do, I want you to remember that Mohammed Qahtani got this. I sure — and also you can do the same. Thank you.

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