Neurohacking: Rewiring Your Brain by Don Vaughn (Transcript)

But there are a hundred trillion connections in your brain, and each one of them is like a city with a thousand chemical cascades going on. It is such a difficult problem.

So instead, what I think some of the biggest advances in neuroscience and all of what we’re doing is going to be exploiting, this incredible quality of your brain that is uniquely yours to rewire and reallocate itself based on what it needs.

And if we step back for a moment from neuroscience, the question for you I have today is: Where in your life are you waiting to understand every little nut and bolt of a problem, every nuance, before you decide to solve it and make a change?

If you’re trying effect social change in Los Angeles with six million people, there’s probably a couple million that don’t want to hear your story, and they are not going to be helpful to you.

But instead of focusing on what’s broken and what doesn’t work, maybe take a lesson from neurohacking and use what does still work to get the results you want.

Thank you.

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