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Nike (NKE) Q1 2015 Earnings Results Conference Call Transcript

Trevor Edwards: Yes, around running, obviously running is our heritage, and it’s obviously our largest performance category. And we continue to see great growth in our running business. In fact, the running business grew double digits this year on top of double digits last year. So it certainly is still driving.

What we’re seeing in the category of running, certainly around runners, we’re obviously seeing the women’s business grow at a great clip. So we’re seeing strong growth among the women’s business, but also amongst the premium business. So that consumer continues to want more dimension, I would say. And also, we’re seeing great things like focus on technology and certainly the focus on color. And all those things are starting to drive that marketplace.

The other part to the running business is also the apparel. We’re seeing a great growth around premium apparel in running. Now, the one area that, again, we continue to see opportunity for us is strengthening our product line, certainly around the more lower price points. And this is what Mark always speaks about, the complete offense. And this is the opportunity where we can really focus in more around our core business and really make sure that we strengthen that.

But all in all, the running business is still strong. And we obviously can see the pipeline that’s going to be coming, so we feel very confident about the continuation of driving the running business in North America.

Don Blair: And unfortunately, we do not give category level information for our geographies.

Kelley Hall: Okay, well, thank you everyone for joining us, and we will look forward to talking to you at the end of next quarter.


This concludes today’s conference call. You may now disconnect.


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