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Nina Teicholz: The Big Fat Surprise at TEDxEast (Full Transcript)

So What’s next? Oh, I just want to say briefly that one of the things that was kind of propelling this hypothesis along with Benjamin Keys and the American Heart Association in the beginning was, if you’re not eating saturated fats, what are you eating? You’re eating unsaturated fats. And one of the things that I uncovered was just the tremendous force that the vegetable oil companies played in helping along this hypothesis.

They basically launched the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association was a tiny society of cardiologists. In 1948, Proctor and Gamble, makers of Crisco, decided to make them the beneficiary of this radio program. It completely launched them into a national organization. They made millions of dollars, and that was the beginning of the AHA as we know it.

And, you know, they market their products as ‘Doctor recommended’ healthy products to lower your cholesterol. So, at the end of all this – that’s Robert Atkins eating like a Masai warrior. So Robert Atkins was not beloved in his day by the nutrition establishment. This is a field really governed by politics, and he was not even remotely a good politician, and he used to just really rub people the wrong way, and that’s kind of one reason he never really made it in the nutrition establishment.

But it was also that he didn’t have any scientific data. He was just going on his experience of treating tens of thousands of patients, and there was really nothing behind him to- He couldn’t sort of ‘play’ in the nutrition community because he didn’t have scientific studies.

In the last ten years, unbeknownst to all of you because these studies go up against the current prevailing dogma and therefore are not really discussed, but there’s been a tremendous amount of research done by researchers who are not popular but they have done a tremendous amount of clinical trials, like, very rigorous clinical trials to basically provide the kind of scientific evidence that Robert Atkins lacked in his day.

And I think we are possibly at the beginning of a kind of paradigm shift. There have been a number of meetings of top nutritionists for the very first time, the very first time in 2011 and 2010, coming out with consensus papers saying maybe saturated fats are not as bad as we thought they were; they’re certainly not as bad as carbohydrates.

So, in the end, I think the message is, like, whole fats, those original whole fats, like whole foods, I think we will see possibly a return to those kinds of foods. Look, I’m right on time.

Thank you.

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