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Nothing to Regret – Small Bad Habits Cause Lifelong Regrets: Iman Aghay at TEDxStanleyPark (Transcript)

Back at the hospital. As the time passed, my bleeding stopped on its own, just out of luck, and after receiving five bags of blood transfusion which was half of what I needed and all they could give me, I started having a little bit of hope that I may survive my deathbed today so I started asking myself the third question, “What would I change if I survived my deathbed today?”

Most people think that death is scary, but many survivors say they weren’t scared of dying; they were scared of losing everything that mattered to them including their family, their future, their dreams, everything they had worked hard for. Change is hard because with change comes loss; loss of the past situation, loss of comfort at a certain level, loss of security of some sort. But to a person who just experienced losing everything, and I mean everything, including their life, there is no loss; that is scary. That’s why people who survive their deathbed turn into unstoppable regret-causing bad-habit dumping machines.

So I ask you this question: what habits must you change that are standing between you and your dreams? Make a list of those bad habits and start changing them and dumping them one by one. Doctors didn’t find out why I bled in the first place and the source of my bleeding until two years later when I was diagnosed with cancer. I beat my cancer and have been living cancer-free for the past four years. But more importantly, ending up on my deathbed made me start living a life true to myself. I was released from the hospital the day before my 27th birthday, and since then, I’ve seen every single morning as a gift; a gift that can shape the rest of my life.

I want you to realize that this moment is a gift, is a gift that you can use to shape the rest of your life. It’s your choice. In the end, this comes down to our small daily choices. Don’t be one of the nine out of ten people who regret something big in their lives, and please, please don’t wait until you end up on your deathbed. You may not be one of the lucky people who survive it.

Take action now, take action today, and change the one habit that will cause your biggest regret if you died tonight.

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