Nutrients for Better Mental Performance by Steven Fowkes (Full Transcript)

I’m going to intersperse a couple of slides. This is a really fascinating slide to me because it goes down to a really fundamental aspect of nature in life that turns out to be critical to the area of having a brain at all. And that is that anaerobic organisms, the energy levels are so inadequate – the anaerobic systems – that you only get two ATP out of a glucose that’s burned, which is enough to give you life, but it’s not enough to give you robust life. It’s not enough to give you multi-cellular life and it’s not enough to give you consciousness in a brain, a working brain. For that you need aerobic metabolism and you get 38 ATP versus two; this gives you room to play with and this is why the brain uses massive amounts of energy. So if you focus on the issue of energy, you’ll do a good job. Turns out this is critical for Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is the slide from the Alzheimer’s presentation. I’m getting it out of the way. So before anybody passes out, take a deep breath. Okay. Good.

Energy production systems flow into enzyme activity, protein synthesis, healing abilities, the ion pumping and your nervous system membranes manufacture neurotransmitters; all of these functions that are critical to the brain turn out to be dependent upon energy, cellular energy production. So the ATP is like the wire that keeps your brain functioning. Keeps you sharp. Keeps you from having Alzheimer’s Disease.

If you want to look up this entire presentation is, if you go to YouTube and type in Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease, or type in my name, you’ll go to a nine-part series on Alzheimer’s Disease and how to reverse it. And this critical step right here, that relates to the glutathione, the mercury glutathione ratio, when that fails all of this downstream stuff happens for Alzheimer’s Disease. And so if you can reverse this, the Alzheimer’s Disease reverses.

So, anybody want to vote?

Okay. 30% of teenagers using, eating a standard American diet in public schools, have IQ deficits that are correctable by supplementing to correct the deficiencies; 30%. And the IQ difference is 10 points for those kids; 30% percent of the kids. You give them the supplements; their IQ goes up by 10 points. This has been replicated in California and Great Britain. Two studies were done in parallel with exactly the same results. And it’s been replicated in juvenile correctional facilities where they’ve shown that when you correct these nutritional deficiencies, you see broad changes in EEG and behavior.

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Here’s an example of a study that was done that showed that RDA supplements of B vitamins; three B vitamins at levels of 30 to 60 times the RDA, resulted in cumulative improvement in marksmanship. So this was a blinded study and so what was fascinating to me – is that the B-complex vitamins have a half-life of about four to five hours and yet the sustainability of these results was observed over 10 weeks.

Here’s a couple of other examples. Zinc in teenage boys. The joys of masturbation lead to zinc deficiencies and that causes the brain to stop functioning. Masturbation leads to insanity. Your grandmother was right. Vitamin D and magnesium are two very wide-spread deficiencies. Anybody who lives at sea level and who lives in an urban environment is very unlikely to ever meet their adequate level of Vitamin D from sunlight, even if you like sunbathing without clothes. Typically in the winter, if you live in San Francisco, nude sunbathing will actually get you some Vitamin D, but if you do that in Oakland, you will not get any Vitamin D at all, even at noon. B-12 and pregnenolone and melatonin in the elderly; examples of deficiencies that can be addressed that are specific to certain populations. I’m going to give you some examples of how this works in terms of a — this is another illustration from the video where it talks about the neuroprotective steroids at the base of the tree; pregnenolone and progesterone which then go up the tree DHEA, testosterone, the estrogens – well it turns out that the estrogens here have an anti-metabolic effect. They impair your synthesis of energy. And this is why women have more stamina than men. But it’s also why when men get inflammation, they make more estrogen and they start gaining weight and they start having all kinds of health problems, as well. The downside of estrogen, of having too much estrogen, is quite profound to the brain.

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And so if you have inflammation, this pathway gets activated; that pathway gets activated; and this pathway gets activated. So it turns these protective, beneficial, energetic steroids into anti-metabolic steroids. So if you don’t watch and you have an infection, you can have cognitive consequences from it.

Here’s an example of a broad selection of observed effects that are highlights from stuff that I’ve observed over the last 30 years. Violence tendencies, memory problems, Alzheimer’s Disease, panic attacks, this also includes hiccups, IQ problems, senility syndromes from blood coagulation; this is also a side effect of infection.

PH imbalances in the blood that impair oxygen and binding and release and CO2 binding and release. Brain fog. How many people have experienced brain fog? How many people are getting a little bit sleepy right now from just having eaten? Well, let’s go on. I got two minutes per slide, so.

Okay. How can you get a better night’s sleep? First of all, pay attention, don’t take it for granted. Second one is pay attention to sound. Your brain never stops listening. When you go to sleep, your brain is still listening to what’s going on around you. The paralysis that happens at the brain stem that shuts off your motor control function for your entire body does not affect your hearing; does not affect your sight; does not affect your taste buds. So make sure that you have sound that is comforting and predictable and anticipated. So if you live in an area where you have lots of horns honking and car alarms going off and this kind of thing, put some sound in your background that you can listen to day after day after day, night after night, so that the part of your brain that’s listening doesn’t get alerted.

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