Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Keynote at CES 2017 (Full Transcript)

Aaron Flynn – General Manager, BioWare

Yeah, sure. So in that mission there we were helping one of our squad mates named PB, go and earned some loyalty from her. So that was part of her loyalty mission, that’s a whole new planet there, you get to go and explore, you’re learning about her background, learning about the background of the remnant who are the robots there, you’re fighting and you’re seeing things like our dynamic profile systems, that you change your character class dynamically in real-time, something new to Mass Effect. You’re seeing all sorts of verticality in there, you’re seeing the destruction, you’re seeing all that good stuff now available in Andromeda.

Jen-Hsun Huang – Founder and CEO, Nvidia

That’s unbelievable. Everybody, Aaron Flynn. Thank you.

Aaron Flynn – General Manager, BioWare

Thanks much.

Jen-Hsun Huang – Founder and CEO, Nvidia

Mass Effect: Andromeda launched here direct to gamers all over the world on Facebook live, streamed directly from CES.

Well, you can see that that video game is just unbelievable and yet if you think about the number of PC gamers in the world who would like to get into PC gaming or there are people that they have a thinner light notebook but they would like to enjoy some PC gaming every now and then and just haven’t dedicated themselves to build a new GeForce PC. The number of those PC users is shockingly high. There are 2 billion PC users in the world. We estimate some billion users with integrated graphics for Macs or older PCs or thinner light notebooks that would love to be able to enjoy games but simply don’t have the capability to do so.

And in fact, there’s really no real way of installing a new GeForce graphics card into those computers. And maybe they’re rather intimidated by opening up their computer in the first place and building something new. And we thought that wouldn’t it be amazing — wouldn’t it be amazing if we were to put a GeForce gaming PC, a state-of-the-art GeForce gaming PC powered by Pascal in the cloud like AWS, build a supercomputer like AWS just for enterprises, we would do this for consumers. And as a result, these supercomputers in the cloud could be shared by millions of gamers around the world. They could try video games for the very first time. If they don’t play frequently they could launch a game whenever they want, wherever they want. And if they could just enjoy state-of-the-art video games like this with just the click of a button, wouldn’t that be utterly amazing?

So after many years of endeavor, this is just one of those incredibly hard problems. And it’s incredibly hard because the computational capability necessary for video games is so high and the interactivity requirement is so high that any little bit of latency would ruin the experience. And so after just so much refinement, so much re-architecture, so much engineering the team has finally done it.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re announcing today GeForce NOW for PCs. GeForce NOW, it turns any of your PCs with the download of a little tiny client into with a click of a button, into essentially your most powerful gaming PC. And it’s all in the cloud, just one click away. Why don’t we take a look at it?

OK, so what you’re looking at here — two computers in the back, one is based on PC, one is Mac. Your usual desktop that you recognize. The thing that you instantly recognize on the PC side is all of the major stores and hubs are now available and they work perfectly steamed with 150 million users, works perfectly. Origin from Electronic Arts works perfectly. Uplay from Ubisoft works perfectly. Multiplayer works perfectly. All of your storage states, your checkpoints, all of your friends all work perfectly. Every single game works exactly as it should. All of the software has been updated. And Dave, are you in the back?

Dave: Yeah, hi Jen-Hsun.

Jen-Hsun Huang – Founder and CEO, Nvidia

Hey Dave, happy new year first of all.

Dave: Happy new year to you.

Jen-Hsun Huang – Founder and CEO, Nvidia

So why don’t we do this? Why don’t we launch Steam? Steam is the single most popular video, PC gaming store in the world. Here Dave is launching Steam on GeForce NOW. It takes about 15 seconds or so. OK, there you are. And there you are, just a few seconds, you’re into Steam and all of the games that you’ve purchased or all of the games you brought into Steam are all there. It also works on a Mac. So why don’t we go over to the Mac? It’s just one of the apps on Mac, double-click on that, there it is. Steam on Mac. And you could buy a game right there. You can buy a game right there. We won’t do so right now. But we could buy a game. And usually when these video games are so large, they are so large because they have so much content and takes hours and hours to download it. But in the case of Steam, in the case of GeForce NOW, it only takes about a minute.

And so why don’t we go ahead and launch a game. Now that it’s installed, let’s launch it. And this game doesn’t run on a Mac and this game runs very poorly on integrated graphics. But yet we’re going to see it working here in its full fidelity. And one of the things that’s really cool is that it just works exactly the way you would expect an app to work on a computer. It’s completely seamless to you, you pretty much forget that is even in the cloud. And video games are complicated in the sense that the game is always being patched, there’s always digital download content, the drivers need to be enhanced all the time and we can do that all behind your back updated all the time, keep your computer always fresh. And there it is: Tomb Raider, running on GeForce NOW, over to cloud, a click away. Video games for the other billion PC users. Okay, thank you.

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So GeForce NOW will be available in March. For the early users it’s coming very very soon. We’re putting the final touches in there and it will be available for $25 for 20 hours of play. It’s basically a GeForce gaming PC on-demand — GeForce gaming PC on demand. There will be several grades of performance that are available to you, the higher performance grades, you’ll have fewer hours for each 25 hours of play, for every $25 of credits. OK, so GeForce NOW, incredible value for somebody who doesn’t have the ability to access a gaming PC, somebody who hasn’t taken the effort to build a gaming PC or somebody who just plays infrequently but would love to be able to enjoy video game from time to time. Geforce NOW. Thank you.

Why don’t we take a look at television now? A year-and-a-half ago we announced our partnership with Google to build the world’s first Android TV. Our vision was that just as smartphones has revolutionized the way we do mobile computing and communicate, that smart TVs would also revolutionize the way we enjoy entertainment at home. That with a powerful computer connected to a cloud store, able to run applications that we would be able to realize this new revolution in how we enjoy content at home; we call that SHIELD. And it was the world’s first Android TV console and was built by NVIDIA. Of course, you would expect the performance to be incredibly good. Users all over the world have been absolutely delighted by it. We’ve continued to refine it and support it and enhance it. The number of applications is growing, the performance keeps getting richer. Today we’re announcing a major upgrade to SHIELD. Ladies and gentlemen, the new SHIELD.

The new SHIELD. The new SHIELD is amazing on so many different fronts. But the most important thing, the first thing that you get hit by — it is the world’s first entertainment platform that is full 4K and HDR. Netflix and Amazon work closely with our engineers and we’re announcing that SHIELD will be the first entertainment platform that is able to enjoy Netflix and Amazon’s library of content in 4K HDR. We have 4K services from YouTube, we have 4K services from Google Play. We know that there are tens of millions of PC gamers around the world and they have GeForce gaming and they would like to take that GeForce gaming PC and connect their Steam service to our television. We work with Valve and we’re making available for the very first time a Steam app on Android Play, a Steam app on SHIELD that connects to your PC and you can enjoy 4K HDR gaming on your TV while it’s playing on your PC.