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Off-Balance On Purpose: The Future of Engagement and Work-Life Balance by Dan Thurmon

5 spheres of life

You see, this model will serve you personally, but also professionally as you lead others, as you try to understand what matters most. Your work, the first sphere, your relationships, your health, your spiritual growth, and your personal interests, the things you just love to do.

These are your 5 spheres of success.

First there’s your work, right, your professional pursuits and commitments, working on school, working ultimately toward a career, whether you’re an entrepreneur and you’re starting your own business, or you’re looking for the right organization that really feels purposeful to you.

How can we lead others, and work to become the best at our chosen profession?

Well, we have to reconcile our family, our relationships, our friends, the people we care about, people we care for. And you know what balance books tell you? Protect your time, compartmentalize your life so that they don’t overlap, so that there’s not too much time in each area. Ridiculous, right?

Because there’s not enough time to do that, and they’re constantly intersecting where it matters most, in your thinking, in your decisions.

How about this sphere, your health? That’s how you fuel your pattern, right? What do you put in your body? How do you move your body? How do you rest your body so that you have the energy to move forward with purpose through life?

Health-related goals are vitally important. And you know what? Not only do we hope to improve ourselves physically, but also spiritually.

And while this means different things to different people, depending on your own beliefs, your practices, your spiritual principles, some it means just getting active, getting involved in community outreach or philanthropy.

Well the key is if you want to live a life on purpose, you need to know what that is and live in congruence with your spiritual purpose, and seek to know something larger than you.

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The fifth sphere is this one here, mentioned it earlier, your personal interests, your hobbies, your joys, your passions, the things you just love because they make you you. They make you unique.

These are the 5 spheres. And as you can see, they’re always interacting in this model. I want you to remember this, I want you think about this.

Because the pattern that’s created by the way they move together is an infinity sign, reflecting your infinite potential. You never, you know, reach your full capacity to learn, you never reach your full potential, because you can always know more in each of these areas. And there’s an infinite way that you can define your life.

For each one of us, we can live a life that’s extraordinary and unique, and full of passion, and service to others.

But yet if you were to freeze frame it at any one moment, like this, it doesn’t look balanced at all. You know, there’s some things in your hands, other things totally out of your reach, and, you know, that’s okay, because it’s still connected, connected to you, it’s your pattern.

And more importantly, they’re connected to one another, and this is the key. This is what I believe, is if we construct our life from the inside out with these life lines, like this, if I were to draw a life line from work to relationships, that implies the question well, how do you connect those? What would that look like?

We work to provide for the people we care about, we go back to our relationships to get this juice to bring back into work, and in the flow of life there’s times when it makes sense and it’s close together, and other times it’s totally stressed to the limit.

Like for me in my life, as a professional speaker and author I’m on the road a lot. I have two kids, my son Eddie is 14, my daughter Maggie is 10. So there’s a lot of time that I’m away.

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But throughout their life we’ve strengthened that life line by bringing them with us, you know, on different experiences, by talking about my clients and my audiences, what I’m learning along the way.

And see when I bring them along on a trip, and involve them in the show in some way, they’re growing, and they’re connected. And also that way all their travel, clothing, and food is tax deductible.

So how can you, or how can your organization find ways to capitalize on this, to incorporate family into this concept of work, right, so that it becomes a purposeful pursuit?

In total there are 10 life lines. How about your work and your health? Does your work support your desire to be healthy, or challenge it in some way? And if so, what are you going to do about that?

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