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Off-Balance On Purpose: The Future of Engagement and Work-Life Balance by Dan Thurmon

Hey, the greatest organizations understand the power of wellness, the power of fitness initiatives and challenges.

How about work and spiritual growth, right? Are you practicing your spiritual principles in the context of going to school, or going to your job? Because that’s what it’s all about.

And also bringing that corporate philosophy to philanthropy. Interests, working at a career that interests you, right? Or bringing your personal interest into the workplace.

Relationships, share your desire to be healthy, grow spiritually, and you share interests with the people you care about too.

You see, it’s all connected. You can get healthy, you can grow spiritually while you do things you love to do. This is why I go mountain unicycling as my workout routine. It’s a great workout, trust me. And I do it with my buddy Bobby Coggins so we’ve got a friendship component too.

When life’s in the moment, and in motion like this, hey, the shapes and forms are constantly changing, but a connected life pattern will help you sustain those twists and detours as you move through life. It really will.

And so you look for those opportunities, those options which are in your hand, the possibilities are truly infinite. And again, the greatest organizations that get ranked among the best places to work are those that look at this, and say how can we create an environment where people don’t feel like they are choosing between life and work. It’s not either or, it’s all of the above.

To take this to another level, I have my son Eddie with me today, how are you doing, son? Tax deductible. Stand here buddy.

All right. We’re going to go up another notch to the top. Now when I — thank you.

When I first tried one of these, I learned a lot about balance, extremely critically.

First of all I tried it like this, I thought I’d be closer to the ground, just to be careful. But what I realized is if you focus on the ground, that’s where you go, immediately.

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The only way to feel a sense of control in an off-balance environment in which you live is to elevate your focus, to elevate your vision, to be able to look farther than others are willing to go.

And then you tell me, what’s my first move to go forward? What’s the first thing I have to do? What was it?

Lean forward, right?

Off balance — on purpose.

What you do on a 6-foot unicycle is you lean forward, you start falling toward your face, and then you chase your body with the unicycle, so hopefully you don’t get to your face. It’s scary, all right? It makes you a little uncomfortable.

But here’s the deal. If you limit yourself to what’s comfortable, you deny yourself what’s possible. If you’re unwilling to lean into the uncertainty, if you’re apprehensive about change and growth, you may start going backward.

Or maybe I’ll just stay where I am, because I’m already successful, I’m already good. I don’t want to get too good too quickly. They couldn’t handle me out there. This is called idling, idling, right?

Because you’re not standing still, you’re going forward and backward, forward and backward to protect yourself. We want to lean forward into those changes, accept those new risks and responsibilities.

Come on out here, Eddie. Accepting risks and responsibilities, even though they may be daunting, these are very real folks. I have just upped my stakes.

And what I’m telling you is I’ve upped my stakes, so up yours. Up your stakes. Up your purpose, because you need purpose to engage in something you perceive to be a little bit risky, a little bit of a stretch.

Here the goal isn’t just to make a catch, but more specifically to catch the handle. They’re all unique. This one has double blades, and this one’s heavy. You know what, my friends?

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I think we all can reach beyond our current levels of excellence. But in order to do that, you don’t have to be balanced, you don’t protect yourself against those opportunities, you embrace them. Embrace uncertainty with clear objectives, with clear targets, realizing it’s just one thing at a time, just one moment.

So be present where you are. And yet you need to let go of the idea of balance, and grab onto living off balance on purpose.

Thanks a lot.


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