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Organize the World: Design Your Life to Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (Transcript)

Taking on the daunting task, Emily disposed of things that didn’t spark joy. That once cluttered storage room *Tadaa*. In fact, Emily was organizing this room to start living together with her boyfriend. She was able to face her past to welcome in the future.

John: I would like to thank you for helping Emily clean up this apartment because now there will be room for me to move in.

In conclusion, how do you feel now? Exhausted? Happy, excited for to continue, and a little sad. Relishing your own emotions that you experienced while you were tidying is a very important process. So please complete the tidying process with that experience in mind.

[Video clip ends.]

So what did you see ? Did it make you want to tidy? I hope so.

My dream is to organize the world. I have seen many people’s lives change through tidying. People started to understand what truly brings them joy and their lives changed. People have changed a job, changed a relationship, lost weight and created new businesses. They get back their ideal life.

My dream is for everyone in the world to experience this joy. It starts with you. After you leave South by Southwest, and return to your home, take a look around and ask yourself: Is my home tidy? Does my home spark joy for me? If the answer is no, try tidying.

It is not difficult to get started. We can help. We have an app where you can track your tidying and can see before and after from other people who are tidying. We are also training consultants around the world to help you if you need it.

The important thing is to start. When you get home choose just one thing, pick it up and ask yourself: Does this spark joy? That’s it.

May all of your things spark joy. You get more joyful life.

Thank you.

I have time for questions. I have a few time for questions.

Female Translator: So I’ll be answering the questions that you submitted during the presentation now.

Question-and-answer session

Female Translator: So the first question how does your method justify? Oh sorry, can you tell us more about your organize-the-world activities?

Marie Kondo: [Translated] So the first activities are activity that I am engaged in right now is to nurture and teach other organizing consultants, so they too can meet one-on-one with their clients and teach them the method of organizing.

And another initiative that I started just this year is that I’ve been visiting countries all over the world and to give organizing sessions as well as a lecture such as this. And of course lastly, we’ve developed an app as we’ve mentioned before.

And of course, through my social media, Facebook and so on, I have to share with you more tips and techniques of organizing, so I hope you’ll follow me and I’ll see you there.

So I truly believe that through all these activities that I do, if one more person can finish tidying I know that person’s life will spark so much more joy for them. And I hope such people will increase all over the world.

So if any of you here today, really share this vision of organizing the world with me. And you know it doesn’t matter if you’re a company or individual I really invite you to contact me through my official homepage.

Female Translator: So, the next question: How do I become a Konmari consultant?

Marie Kondo: Thank you so much for your interest. So, in order to become a Konmari consultant, you can really find the details on our official homepage, but to break it down a little bit. You basically start with a three day course and then afterwards, after the completion of the course, you actually do a trial organizing. You go to your client’s house and do a monitored organizing session and in which afterwards you’ll write a report about it, and then there’s of course the exam at the end. And if you pass you are officially certified as a Konmari consultant.

I think that’s all the questions, three questions.

Female Translator: Okay, so these are all the questions that we have.

Marie Kondo: And if any of here have any questions specific to organizing or cleaning would love to.

Female Translator: So the question was what do you do about things that creep back in your life that doesn’t necessarily spark joy, but you need in your life?

Marie Kondo: So in such cases what you do is to truly consider the the actual true function of such things. So for instance this clicker, it doesn’t necessarily spark joy for me. But it did help me. It was very useful in helping me give a very good presentation, so in that sense it doesn’t necessarily spark joy but it was useful to me and thereby it makes my life, enriches my life, and makes me happy in its own way.

So try to look at the positives of that object, of that item. So by shifting perspectives like this, something that doesn’t necessarily spark joy at first, even simple and ordinary things you will be able to appreciate it with the sense of gratitude.

Audience: Hi Konmari, thank you so much for being here. First, I want to commend you for giving a speech not in your native language. That was amazing that you were able to do that.

So my name is Melody. I’m from San Diego. And I’m a digital marketing consultant. My biggest challenge at clutter is online and on my computer because I’m always on there. Do you have tips for decluttering computers or your apps on your phone, stuff that’s not physically tangible. You can’t touch.

Marie Kondo: Thank you so much for a great question. I think that this question is particularly relevant to the SXSW crowd.

So what I recommend in cleaning a digital clutter is just as you would clean your house to do it all in one shot. So what I recommend to do with digital clutter is so to say as you decide today I will clean my laptop, so you dedicate a day to sort out your data, delete some data, organize data, and the reason why you must do this in one day is that it allows you to really get a grasp an overview of what kind of data you have in your laptop.

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