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Organize the World: Design Your Life to Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (Transcript)

And so by having this overview you will be able to better understand what sort of organizing style or folders and so forth that you need to get to organize your data.

Audience: Quick question about supporting others through this process, maybe a family member or someone who could use assistance but might be resistant to this. Do you have any advice?

Marie Kondo: So in terms of giving advice to others about organizing and tidying is to really understand what kind of ideal life that person is looking for or hoping for.

So the first step is to really ask the person what sort of ideal life do they hope for and what do they envision. And the second point is really ask the why is important. Why are they having a difficult time throwing things away, so that question is very important. And by figuring these things out you really hone their sensitivity to what they’re hoping for in the future and so forth, and that this makes the organizing and tidying process much easier for them.

Audience: Hi. Thank you so much, so I think we’ve all had moments like in the spring when we clean out our entire apartment and we feel so good, and it’s like amazing and then two months later it’s back to how it was. You know you buy new things, you bring back more receipts, whatever, so how do you maintain tidiness?

Marie Kondo: So this is when the Konmari method becomes very useful. So after you finished cleaning in one shot, what’s important is once you have all the things that spark joy for you is to get a designated place for each item, for those items.

Once you have the designated places for all the items, all of your possessions that spark joy for you you’ll get to experience the state in which you’re truly comfortable with and a state in your home that truly sparks joy for you. You’ll get to experience that.

Once you achieved the state, and my only advice here is to really look at each and every one of your possessions and to really cherish them. And so by using your possessions and thanking them for being useful at the end of the day or making it adorning you so that you’re beautiful and really cherish each and every item, you will see that it’s much better to keep them tidy. It’s a much easier to keep them tidy.

Audience: Hello, and do you have any advice for tidying on behalf of small children and babies? Where it’s not necessarily their own items that’s not necessarily just yours. It’s kind of a mix between.

Marie Kondo: I’m a mother of two daughters. So I completely understand how you feel. So in terms of teaching kids how to organize, I think the most important thing is to start by teaching them how to fold clothes properly.

The reason why folding so works so well is that it’s sort of like origami. There’s an element to play, a playfulness to it, and by teaching them to fold clothes properly you’re really teaching them the basis of organization and tidying. And clothes of course is something that we use every day, and that way kids can early understand that it’s something that’s precious to them and that’s something that belongs to them.

And of course what’s important is for the parents to really enjoy the process of organizing.

Audience: Hello, thanks for coming here today, very excited to see you. Can you talk a little bit about how much time it should take for us to clean a house, in your book you say do everything in one go, in one straight shot, but is it six months? One year? I live in a thousand square meter apartment. But I’ve been doing this for two years.

Marie Kondo: This really depends on how large your house is and the quantity of things that you own but for some people it only takes one week vacation dedicated time for them to organize, or some people might say I clean every other weekend and might take two months total. But half a year is the maximum.

Audience: I want to ask: Do you have any suggestion about tidying up working space, if you have like too many items but a very limited space?

Marie Kondo: [Japanese language]

Audience: Sorry, what about I have a studio? So I’m a food stylist and I have a studio and there are so many, like kitchen items and bowls and it’s just like a thousand of things. So how should I actually discard, store away things that I never used, but what if like in case I have some clients who will ask me about something and I will need the item.

Audience: Just to get back to your first question, in terms of cleaning your desk area and workspaces, in my experience it usually takes about three sessions of two hours sessions, done at three times so it is basically the same principles of cleaning your house applies to the workplace as well.

And you’re a food stylist, so that’s very specific but in terms of the things that you use for your work I’m sure I think it’s best to dedicate one day and to really concentrate on identifying your categories, so I’m sure they have our cooking utensils, measuring utensils, and so forth. So I think I’m doing it by category, specific categories will be very helpful.

Female Translator: Unfortunately we are running out of time, so this should be the last question.

Audience: What if you need to declutter, because you’re moving, or you’re traveling, and you are left with a lot of items that all spark joy. But you still have to make it smaller.

Female Translator: Do you mean when you’re selecting things to bring with you before you go?

Audience: Yeah, like a really big trip or you’re moving like another city or big another country.

Marie Kondo: Ideally I think what I recommend is that before you go on the long trip or moving is to really finish tidying your home so that you really hone your sensitivity to your joy. Once you’ve honed your sensitivity to joy by cleaning your house, and you’ve experienced and you really understood what brings you joy, and what sort of items give you the most joy. Once you’ve decided to go traveling, that same principle, and that sensitivity will work for you when packing as well.

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