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Organize the World: Design Your Life to Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (Transcript)

Marie Kondo: And if any of here have any questions specific to organizing or cleaning would love to.

Female Translator: So the question was what do you do about things that creep back in your life that doesn’t necessarily spark joy, but you need in your life?

Marie Kondo: So in such cases what you do is to truly consider the the actual true function of such things. So for instance this clicker, it doesn’t necessarily spark joy for me. But it did help me. It was very useful in helping me give a very good presentation, so in that sense it doesn’t necessarily spark joy but it was useful to me and thereby it makes my life, enriches my life, and makes me happy in its own way.

So try to look at the positives of that object, of that item. So by shifting perspectives like this, something that doesn’t necessarily spark joy at first, even simple and ordinary things you will be able to appreciate it with the sense of gratitude.

Audience: Hi Konmari, thank you so much for being here. First, I want to commend you for giving a speech not in your native language. That was amazing that you were able to do that.

So my name is Melody. I’m from San Diego. And I’m a digital marketing consultant. My biggest challenge at clutter is online and on my computer because I’m always on there. Do you have tips for decluttering computers or your apps on your phone, stuff that’s not physically tangible. You can’t touch.

Marie Kondo: Thank you so much for a great question. I think that this question is particularly relevant to the SXSW crowd.

So what I recommend in cleaning a digital clutter is just as you would clean your house to do it all in one shot. So what I recommend to do with digital clutter is so to say as you decide today I will clean my laptop, so you dedicate a day to sort out your data, delete some data, organize data, and the reason why you must do this in one day is that it allows you to really get a grasp an overview of what kind of data you have in your laptop.

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And so by having this overview you will be able to better understand what sort of organizing style or folders and so forth that you need to get to organize your data.

Audience: Quick question about supporting others through this process, maybe a family member or someone who could use assistance but might be resistant to this. Do you have any advice?

Marie Kondo: So in terms of giving advice to others about organizing and tidying is to really understand what kind of ideal life that person is looking for or hoping for.

So the first step is to really ask the person what sort of ideal life do they hope for and what do they envision. And the second point is really ask the why is important. Why are they having a difficult time throwing things away, so that question is very important. And by figuring these things out you really hone their sensitivity to what they’re hoping for in the future and so forth, and that this makes the organizing and tidying process much easier for them.

Audience: Hi. Thank you so much, so I think we’ve all had moments like in the spring when we clean out our entire apartment and we feel so good, and it’s like amazing and then two months later it’s back to how it was. You know you buy new things, you bring back more receipts, whatever, so how do you maintain tidiness?

Marie Kondo: So this is when the Konmari method becomes very useful. So after you finished cleaning in one shot, what’s important is once you have all the things that spark joy for you is to get a designated place for each item, for those items.

Once you have the designated places for all the items, all of your possessions that spark joy for you you’ll get to experience the state in which you’re truly comfortable with and a state in your home that truly sparks joy for you. You’ll get to experience that.

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Once you achieved the state, and my only advice here is to really look at each and every one of your possessions and to really cherish them. And so by using your possessions and thanking them for being useful at the end of the day or making it adorning you so that you’re beautiful and really cherish each and every item, you will see that it’s much better to keep them tidy. It’s a much easier to keep them tidy.

Audience: Hello, and do you have any advice for tidying on behalf of small children and babies? Where it’s not necessarily their own items that’s not necessarily just yours. It’s kind of a mix between.

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