Peter Fenwick on The Final Border at TEDxBerlin (Full Transcript)

To lead a good life is to have a good death.

So then, what have I been saying? In a nutshell, prepare for a good death. Teach people, including children, not to be afraid of dying. Many of you will have kids, many of the kids have hamsters, many of the hamsters die.

Use this as an opportunity to tell them about death. Learn what may happen to you when you die. Prepare for death, and don’t just clean out your attic but clear up your relationships.

And do remember this, and that is, one of the most difficult things of death are relationships within the family which are stressful. It makes for a very stressful death.

So don’t do it, sort it out beforehand. Discuss death, and don’t sweep it under the carpet.

The final border may not be as frightening as you think. So don’t be afraid.

Now, the important thing about that is, all you guys, or some of you guys will say, “Well, I’m not sure I really believe this man.”

Ask your friends. I’m going to do an experiment now with you all. I want to know how many of you have encountered, or had near-death experiences? I want to know how many of you have, in fact, had an experience with a relative who has had the sort of things that I’m talking about, do you understand?

So anybody who has heard a story, of any of those dimensions, I want you to put your hand up. I’m told that German audiences sometimes don’t. OK, put your hands up. Wow, look at that! And they say these things don’t happen. Thank you all for doing that.

So now, let me just talk a little bit about the final border for you. I have chosen two stories.

The great inventor Edison, just hours before his death, emerged from a coma, opened his eyes, looked upwards and said, “It is very beautiful over there.” OK? Just before he died.

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And this one, you all know, but I want you to take part in it just to show that you understand.

Steve Jobs, according to his sister, as he died, Steve Jobs looked into the middle distance and said in wonder, “Wow, wow!”

Now, to show me that you understand what I’ve been saying, you’ve got this message of hope, I want you all to join with me on the third “Wow.”

I’m going to count up to three.

One, two, three, wow. OK, ready?

One, two, three:

(Audience: “Wow!”)



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