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Polynesian Secrets to Longevity: William Spitzenberg (Transcript)

Someone once said the future is shaped by your dreams, so stop wasting time and go to sleep. Get enough sleep every single day for longevity, just like our ancestors.


Drinking enough water helps your body cleanse itself and provide needed fluids for proper organ functions. Without enough water, your body will have a hard time burning off body fat and processing toxins out of the body.

Our ancestors drank pristine water from mountain front springs and Niu fresh from the coconut tree.

Thank you to Sina and her Eel, we now enjoy this delicious Fountain of Youth just by drinking it. No wonder our ancestors referred to the Niu as The Tree of Life. I call the Niu the Polynesian sprite.

Water is life. Without it, illness and death will swiftly follow. Drink enough water and Niu every single day for longevity just like our ancestor.

I must caution you, though, stick to only water if your immune system is compromised.


The truth is we all love food. Unfortunately, the types of food we love to eat are the very foods that are causing obesity and the many diseases that we now suffer from. High fat meats and highly processed foods loaded with the addictive ingredients like sugar, oil, dairy, and alcohol are easily available at convenience stores located only a few yards away from homes in every village.

Cheaply priced processed foods now line the front aisle of every store that a kid with a dollar can have a field day with.

Climbing a tree for some fresh guava or some delicious cancer-fighting mangoes is no longer appealing to the obese child who’d rather walk a few yards to the convenience store to get his sugar fix overdose from candies and junk food before heading to school each morning.

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Grabbing a soda and a bag of his favorite chips on the way to home from school is now the norm.

Times are different when I was a child. Back then, the sight of a single lollipop would make a kid act like it was Christmas all over again. Whoever was lucky enough to afford one had to share licking it with his friends until all the hard candy was gone.

So what is the solution to the food addiction that is literally killing our people? It’s quite simple really: eat the same way our ancestors ate. I teach a rule called no soda, no sugar, no oil, no dairy, no alcohol. Our ancestors never used these in their food and they did not have issues with obesity, no diabetes, and no heart disease.

Disease proof your life by following their way of eating. Their food came straight from the soil and the ocean to the dining table. And I found that the same way of eating can also reverse obesity and the ailments that come with it. It’s what I and others help use to become slim and strong for life.

That’s why I created the Polynesian diet. The closer you eat to the source, the better it is for the body. You need to energize your body with low-calorie nutrient-dense foods from nature, just like our ancestors.

I am a big proponent of eat local, buy local, grow local. Local produce is the best food for the body. Yes, taro is the Polynesian steroid. Eat wholesome food, all natural food every single day for longevity, just like our ancestors.


Your body was made to move and sweat. Adam was told in the garden that he needed to sweat to eat. Sorry, rolling down your window at the drive-through does not count as exercise.

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30 minutes of vigorous movement each day is recommended for health and longevity. Daily activities like working in the plantation, spearfishing, climbing coconut trees, chasing wild boars and making a move for the family are great ways to get in your exercise for the day.

Oh wait, that’s how our ancestors got their workout in home. They really did have to sweat to eat. I think today we refer to these activities as life-threatening.

A kid climbs a coconut tree, Dad pulls him down and says, “What are you doing? Are you trying to commit suicide? Don’t you know you’d get killed by doing that? Let’s go McDonald’s and buy you a happy meal instead.”

Exercise has so many benefits aside from getting slimmer and stronger. Exercise boosts brainpower, oxygenates the body, strengthens your heart, clears your arteries, strengthens your bones, maintains mobilities. And it’s the most powerful stress reliever. Best of all, it’ll add more healthy years to your life.

Exercise every single day for longevity, just like our ancestors. Oh and you can eat your food knowing you’ve earned it.

To bring this home and make these five secrets more actionable, and easy to remember, I created a five-point system called your five daily deposits to your health accounts. If you apply each of the five daily deposits per day you score 5 points. 1 point per daily deposit.

At the end of the week on Sunday morning, if you score 30 points or more you will lose 2 pounds or more per week. Just like anyone who wishes to be rich would make deposits on a daily basis to their bank account, anyone who wishes to be healthy for life must make these five daily deposits to their health accounts every single day.

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