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Polynesian Secrets to Longevity: William Spitzenberg (Transcript)

Did you know that if you deposited 5 dollars every day to a financial account with a modest 8% annual rate of return, in 10 years you’d have almost $30,000; in 20 years you’d have close to $90,000 and in 30 years you’ll have over $200,000.

Well here’s the kicker: if you’re my age and you live to be 90 years old, if you deposited just five dollars to that account every single day starting today by age 90, you’d become a millionaire.

Most of you are probably thinking: well I’m never going to live that long. The majority of people here on-island are dying before age 70 and I’d be lucky if I live to be 60.

Well, here’s the good news. If you start making these five daily deposits to your health account every single day, you will have a much better chance of seeing age 90 than you currently believe. Oh, and without having to wear any diapers.

It took me almost two years to lose over a hundred pounds when I started ten years ago. I always recommend you give yourself 12 months if you have a hundred pounds to lose. More time if you need to lose more.

Others who I’ve taught the same five daily deposit system for longevity have also seen amazing results. Melissa lost 75 pounds in 12 months. Myra lost 80 pounds in 12 months. Dr. Pham we know lost a hundred pounds in 12 months and a man Alex who’s been living this way for about 12 months also lost over 150 pounds.

So I couldn’t find any before photos of these guys but don’t they look great? Well, actually they look this way for life. No obesity, no diabetes, no heart disease and they live these five daily deposits every single day.

Thank you to our ancestors, most of them were centenarians. Longevity was the thing to look forward to those days. They should inspire us to live like they did and enjoy the many healthy years they enjoyed on these beautiful islands we call home.

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Now, would the same thing happen to you as well if you did these five daily deposits every single day? Well, let’s play a little imaginary game and find out. Will you please close your eyes and imagine the following scenario?

It’s 2021, two years from now. You have been religiously doing these five daily deposits just like our ancestors every single day, what do you see in the mirror? Are you enjoying your new slimmer, stronger body, looking sexy in that to-die-for outfit? Is your significant other drooling over your new look? You betcha.

Now let’s fast forward to 2029. Ten years from now. You’ve been doing these five daily deposits every single day as it has become second nature to you as it did our ancestors. You’re feeling super grateful for the new healthy life you’ve been blessed with, the renewed vision of a longer healthier future, do you see yourself living longer than 90 years old now?

Of course. Of course. You can open your eyes.

Now that you know these five secrets our ancestors used to live long vibrant lives, all you need to do now is to take action and apply it to your own life every single day.

You’d be much more active, absolutely slim and strong and more importantly, super healthy from the inside out, just like our ancestors. You come from a heritage of slim, strong, good-looking centenarians.

Now let’s fast-forward to the 90 year-old you looking into the mirror and reminiscing about the amazing life you’ve lived so far.

Remember when that crazy guy William Spitzenberg told you in 2019, that you live to be 90 years old if you did those five dental deposits every single day like our ancestors, aren’t you glad you listened to him?

Look you’re still alive and kicking at age 90 and without having to wear any diapers. Amazing, isn’t it?

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Oh, and aren’t you glad you also took his other advice and invested those $5 deposits every single day to your bank account, congratulations! You are now a super slim strong and sexy 90 year-old Polynesian millionaire.

Repeat after me: It’s possible. I can be a centenarian, just like my ancestors. Die young at 101 with 10 million in my bank account.

[inaudible]. God bless.

Disclaimer: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful as a complementary approach, this talk only represents the speaker’s personal experiences with weight loss and health.


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