Preetha ji: How to End Stress, Unhappiness and Anxiety to Live in a Beautiful State (Transcript)

Yesmi helped, not because he would be barred entry into heaven, definitely not. Nor did he help because he would feel guilty if he hadn’t helped. He helped because he was able to feel the lady’s pain. He was able to feel her suffering. Actions in a beautiful state arise from a place of connection, not from an ideal.

There have been times when you have been Yesmi; there have been times when you have been Nomi. We have lived under stress and disconnection and caused greater confusion in our own lives and lives of people around us. We have lived in a beautiful state of connection and contributed to the well being of ourselves and people around us. War, division, and conflict of every form can only end when more and more of us live in a beautiful state.

So the big question is, how do we break free of our habitual negative bias of our brain toward stressful state? If pressure is going to be a part of life, how do we live life without being bogged down by stress? How do we address numerous challenges of our life living in a beautiful state?

There are three well-trodden paths people usually take. One: We live in stressful states and plummet into hurting inner states. Two: We try to escape stress. We try to achieve a temporary dopamine high. However, when the dopamine plateaus, we are left feeling emotionally dry and empty.

Three: We try replacing inconvenient beliefs, stories, and ideas into more convenient ones. The problem, however, is none of these three paths has the power to get you off the gravitational pull of suffering or long-term stress. And we succumb back into the vortex of habitual stressful emotions.

We need a greater inner power to get us to a beautiful state. And that is the way of inner truth. About eight years ago, we as a family met with an accident while at Big Bear Lake in California. We emerged safely from the accident. But while in the waters, Krishnaji, my husband, co-founder of One World Academy, realized the root cause of all human suffering.

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He saw what kept suffering alive for days, months, and years after a stressful event was over in anyone’s life. Past and present circumstances, other people and their behavior can trigger stress in us. But they do not keep us chained in our unhappiness. While in the waters, he saw the true reason for humanity’s suffering. He saw all emotional suffering arising from obsessive self-centric thinking.

It is a total preoccupation with oneself. It is a total incessant preoccupation with oneself. And it is this preoccupation that separates you from the other. It is this preoccupation that is responsible for war, conflict, and division of every kind that we see in the world today. This truth can be inconvenient for us, but if we can observe our emotional suffering in the light of this insight, then this truth can liberate us, this truth can set us free.

In suffering, in unhappiness, in stressful states you are preoccupied with yourself. We are preoccupied with injustice done to us; we are preoccupied with pleasure that was denied us; we are preoccupied with opportunities that did not come our way; we are preoccupied with love that was withheld from us. It is a total preoccupation with oneself. And in this state, we are not concerned with finding solutions to the problem at hand. For the entire thinking is only me, me, me, and me. That’s all we think in unhappiness.

Let us observe Nomi in the light of this insight. Throughout the story, he is preoccupied. He is preoccupied with his rightness, he is preoccupied with his guilt of having allowed a wrong to happen. He is not concerned about the situation, nor is he concerned about the lady and her son, nor his friend.

He is constantly justifying within himself that he was right in ignoring the suffering woman, and that he was great by following the rules. Realizing that all lingering and suffering is a total preoccupation with oneself, that it’s an obsessive self-centric thinking, is the most powerful antidote for any form of suffering that could have gripped you. When you see it – not only you walk out of stressful states, but there is a great release of energy, and you awaken to a sense of power, connection, freedom, and purpose. We know the way now. Let’s do it. It works.

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[Music starts]

Let us do a small three-question meditation. Please close your eyes. Please remember, meditation is not about a religion, it is about being human. It is about returning to a beautiful state.

Bring attention to your breath, inhale and exhale, deep and slow. Observe yourself. Are you in a stressful state, or are you in a beautiful state? Observe yourself. Are you engaged with your past, or are you engaged with your future, or are you in the present? Observe yourself. Are you preoccupied with yourself, or are you in a state of connection? Just observe.

Do not try to change anything. Imagine a flame glowing in the middle of your forehead. Bring a gentle smile to your face, open your eyes, look into the eyes of the person sitting next to you.

[Music ends]

Wish from the bottom of your heart that the other person lives in a beautiful state, and if you are comfortable, you may hug the other.

Thank you so much. Namaste!


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