President Barack Obama’s Keynote at 2016 SXSW Interactive (Full Transcript)

President Obama: I’m the President, so I’m going to take one more minute.

Evan Smith: You will? We’ll take it.

President Obama: There are a number of different ways in which all of you can plug into what I’ve been talking about here today. So if you are interested in figuring out ways to make government services work better, you can go to or U.S. Digital Services and find out what they’re doing. If you are interested in how we can make sure that classrooms are properly connected, you can plug into what we’re doing with ConnectED.

One of my favorite projects that’s just gotten started over the last several months is — diapers are really expensive, and we’ve actually set up a system whereby through social media and the Internet, non-for-profits are able to make bulk purchases of diapers, save 25% on those, so that they can distribute them to low-income moms and families. And it’s a convergence of diaper makers and logistics companies and Internet companies. And we sort of convened the thing, but it’s not running through a government program.

So whatever your interests are, whatever your passions are, whatever your concerns are, we need you. And I want to underscore the fact that in 10 months I will not have this office. It has been the great privilege of my life, but it’s not like I stop caring about the things that I care about right now. And it’s not like I’m going to stop being involved in promoting the best, most prosperous, most peaceful, most tolerant, most ecologically responsible America that I can.

I’ll be sitting in an audience with you — and I expect you to step up and get involved, because the country needs you. And if the brainpower and talent that’s on display here today and throughout this conference takes up that baton, then I’m going to be really confident about the future of this country.

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All right. Thank you, guys.

Evan Smith: Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, thank you so much.


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