Protecting The Brain Against Concussion: Kim Gorgens (Transcript)

The second is a resource I’m personally really proud of. We’ve just rolled this out in the last couple months — CO Kids With Brain Injury. This is a great resource for student athletes, teachers, parents, professionals, athletic and coaching staff. It’s a great place to start if you have questions.

The second thing is: SPEAK UP. Just two weeks ago, a bill introduced by Senator Kefalas that would have required athletes, kids under 18, to wear a helmet when they’re riding their bike, died in committee. It died, in large part, because it lacked constituent buy-in; it lacked stakeholder traction.

Now, I’m not here to tell you what kind of legislation you should or shouldn’t support, but I am going to tell you that, if it matters to you, your legislators need to know that.

Speak up also with coaching staff. Ask about what kind of protective equipment is available. What’s the budget for protective equipment? How old it is? Maybe offer to spearhead a fundraiser to buy new gear.

Which brings us to: SUIT UP. Wear a helmet. The only way to prevent a bad outcome is to prevent that first injury from happening.

Recently, one of my graduate students, Tom – I know you’re watching right now, Tom – Tom said, “Kim, I’ve decided to wear a bike helmet on the way to class.” And Tom knows that that little bit of foam in a bike helmet can reduce the g-force of impact by half.

Now, I thought it was because I have this totally compelling helmet crusade, this epiphany of Tom’s. As it turns out, it occurred to Tom that a $20 helmet is a good way to protect a $100,000 graduate education.

So …Should Vander play football? I can’t say no, but I can guarantee that every time he leaves the house, that kid’s wearing a helmet — like, to the car, or at school.

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So whether athlete, scholar, overprotected kid, neurotic mom, or otherwise, here’s my baby, Vander, reminding you to mind your matter.

Thank you.


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