Rangan Chatterjee: How to Make Diseases Disappear at TEDxLiverpool (Transcript)

Rangan Chatterjee

Here is the full transcript of Rangan Chatterjee’s TEDx Talk presentation: How to Make Diseases Disappear at TEDxLiverpool conference.

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Rangan Chatterjee – NHS GP

I can make diseases disappear. To be more precise, I can make chronic diseases disappear. You see, chronic diseases are the long-term conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or even dementia. And there is 15 million people in England who have already been diagnosed with a chronic condition; that means looking out amongst you now there’s probably about 250 people in here who have one of these long-term conditions.

Just one of these alone, type 2 diabetes is costing the UK 20 billion pounds every single year and I’m standing here before you’re saying it, I can make these diseases disappear.

See, I’m not a magician and what the Americans call an MD, that’s not a magical doctor. That’s a medical doctor or what I call a mere doctor. You see the reason I can make diseases disappear is because diseases are just an illusion, diseases are not real. In fact, diseases don’t really exist at least not in the way that we think they do.

So 15 years ago, I qualified for medical school and I was wearing — I was full of enthusiasm, full of passion, ready to go out and help people. But I felt like there was something missing, I started as a specialist, I moved from being a specialist to becoming a generalist or GP. And I always got this nagging sense that I was just managing disease or simply suppressing people symptoms.

And then just five and a half years ago came the turning point for me. See, five and a half years ago, my son nearly died. My wife and I, we were on holiday in France and with our little baby boy and she called out to me, said “He’s not moving.” So I rushed there and he was lifeless. I thought he was choking, so I picked him up, I tried to clear his airway. Nothing happened and I froze. She called out to me and my wife said, “Come on, we’ve got to get to hospital.” So we rushed there, we were worried because when we got there he still wasn’t moving. The doctors were worried because they didn’t know what was happening. Then he had two lumbar punctures because they thought he might have meningitis and he stayed in a foreign hospital for three days.

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And what actually transpired was my son had a low level of calcium in his blood that was caused by a low level of vitamin D. My son nearly died from a preventable vitamin deficiency and his father, a doctor, knew nothing about it.

You see, as a parent that is a harrowing experience that never leaves you. But I was a doctor, I was his dad and the guilt has stayed with me and it’s still here today that changes you. So I started reading, I started reading about this vitamin deficiency. And as I started reading I started to learn a lot of science — a lot of science that I did not learn in medical school, a lot of science that I thought: hey, this makes lot of sense to me. So I started applying the science. I started applying it, first of all, on my son, I saw the amazing benefits. So that I started playing it with my patients but do you know what happened? People started getting better, really better.

See, I learned how to resolve the root cause of their problems rather than simply suppressing their symptoms. Just over a year ago, I had the opportunity to make a series documentary for BBC One where I got to showcase this style of medicine. I’m going to tell you about one of the patients — a thirty-five-year-old Dotti, lovely lovely lady but she was struggling with her health, weight problems, joint problems, sleep problems. See, despite Dotti’s best efforts, Dotti was unable to make any sustainable changes.

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