Sean: “A Life of Giving and Sharing” @ Talks at Google (Transcript)

Hello everyone My name is Sean and people think of me as a social volunteer as already introduced by MC earlier Nice to meet you all It is our honor to invite you as the first guest to kick-off Talks at Google in Korea It also means a lot to me for being invited to the very first event What we are going to talk about today is donation and volunteer Since you are deeply involved in these fields, I believe there is a lot we can learn from you today But before talking about them, I would like to ask this question that everyone might be interested as well Could you briefly share with us how you first become a rapper with Jinusean? (Sean pointing at the audience) It all began like thatyeah just like that First of all, it was a bit late when I was introduced into the world of music I was 18 and the music I got in touch with was hip-hop It happened when I lived in Guam (my family immigrated to Guam) I fell in love with hip-hop and I started to listen to music and dance People are good at what they like I was pretty good at dancing One day, I visited Korea and I was dancing at a club There, Seo Taiji and Boys, Lee Hyun Do from Deux and Hyun Jin Young etc suggested me to become a singer With the momentum, I started to pursue to be a professional singer How Jinusean was formed goes back to 1995 when Seo Taiji and Boys was disbanded And Yang Hyun Suk, one of the members, began his entertainment business and he suggested me to be a singer and that is how Jinusean began How you became a singer seems like one of those movie scenes where you were just dancing in a club, and all of sudden, you were asked to be a singer YeahI was like one of those movie characters I actually feel like a movie star now However, the way to become a singer was not always smooth I did not get trained under direct supervision of YG Prior to 1995, I was trained at a different placedanced on stage

then back to training again This process was repeating itself Then I officially signed with YG in 1995 and that is how Jinusean began Jinusean released too many hit songs and you are probably all aware of them You were a rapperand you used to wrap song such as Telephone Number and Tell Me (These are their hit songs) Frankly speaking, donation and volunteer does not seem to go along with a general impression that a rapper or rap song has Did you have an interest in donation or volunteer from the beginning? Or was there any triggering event? Could you please explain more about the transition? I was like everyone else I was willing to make big donations when I become financially sufficient or affluent Singers get paid in lump-sum rather than regular salaries When I find to have a lump-sum payment during the closing process, then I shared a part of them with others My wedding was the turning point of my life

It was the happiest moment and I still try to carry on that happiness day by day The next day, I said to my wife that we were the happiest in the world yesterday and let us not hold that happiness among us Instead, let us open our hands and make that happiness even bigger We started quite small in the beginning I suggested my wife to share $10 each day and she happily agreed Every year on our anniversary, we donate what we saved each day to a soup kitchen and help them serve foods to homeless So, was marriage your triggering point? Certainly I think you have to be happy to be able to share that happiness with anyone else Just like loveYou have to be loved by someone to give that love to others Having a turning point makes it so much easier to get on to it I know Sean personallybut what really got me curious when I first met him was whether his acts of charity were meant to show off as a celebrity or is from his sincere heart Of course, you can sense that it is from the bottom of his heart if you just listen to him Adding to what you just shared with us, was there any reason you became interested to donation itself? I became financially independent when I was 16 and I experienced moments of struggle So, I know how thankful it is when someone treats me a meal, especially when I struggle in my life I felt and I know it With that, I wanted to be a person who can offer helping hands when I can financially afford it Everyone probably has the same wish as well, but if you do not act, it is only a thought I started it off small with my wife and this became a part of our live as we continued day by day It used to be only a thought and dream, but our acts turned it to be a part of our life I think it makes a big difference Everyone knows that donation, volunteer and sharing are all good things But if you do not act, you will never feel that happiness that comes from them Start it off even at a small scale and the happiness that comes from it will be yours I totally agree The same goes to love We all know that love is a great thing, but we will not know detailed feelings of love until we really fall in love with someone It could be a love towards your children, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend Whatever kind it may be, love will seem foreign until you experience it down to the bottom With that being said, donation or volunteer will truly become yours when you start to act Why do not we give him an applause Why do not we move on to talk about your charity works? You carry coal briquettes, you feed people and you make donations to children hospitals etc Could you please share what kind of volunteer activities you are involved with? I did not mean to do all these thingsI think it is more like seasonal things When the weather gets colder, I help delivering coal briquettes When the weather gets warmer, I do charity work by playing exercise together Our anniversary is in the fall when the weather cools down

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