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Spring Behrouz: The Dynamic Future of Neuroscience (Full Transcript)

But what we’re still missing and what we need is a tool to put together these genetic and environmental factors, and explain to us how they affect the neuron. And we need a tool that is just as dynamic and changeable as the neuron is. And we need this tool now because so far, in this story, the story of the neuron in the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, there are no survivors. The neurons stop communicating with each other, retract their processes, shrivel up and die. Our cities, wiped out.

I don’t know about you, but I hate this story. I like the stories where the good guys win at the end. That is why our team is working on computer simulations of neurons, so that we can actually zoom in and see the interactions that are happening inside the neuron. So we can see those interactions, manipulate them, and then ask what happens? What happens when we apply a drug to this dying neuron? Can we then save this neuron from dying? And yes, it’ll still have to be replicated inside the clinic and in the laboratory first.

But now, we can go in with a lot more knowledge of the interactions, setting ourselves up for success and shortening that timeline of drug development. You know, every time a revolutionary new tool is developed, it can push us forward faster than we could imagine using old tools. I would probably still be looking for this building if I didn’t have a GPS in my back pocket. For those of you who know me, that’s sad, but true. But in all seriousness, if we wiped out Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease today, we would save 500,000 lives this year alone. This year alone.

So, stand with us because we are all in this fight together, all over the planet. Because we will not succumb to the darkness that robs us of our identity, memory, and control. We will not weather away with our fight, we will not surrender, not on my watch. I’m a warrior and you, all of us, we are all in this fight together. Our time is now and we will prevail.

Thank you.


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