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Stan Lee: What Makes a Superhero? (Full Transcript)

Now when I say “written well,” what I mean is you might have the most fantastic notion in the world, suddenly you have a man who can fly faster than the speed of light. That could be interesting, but you have to make him believable, you have to give the reader or the audience some reason to think he really has the ability to do that.

How did he get that power? Origins of superpowers are always very interesting. If you get the right origin, like, for example, Spider-man being bitten by a radioactive spider, at least, then the viewer has something to hold on to and to say, “Well, it might have happened, now I’ll enjoy it.”

So even though you’re writing what amounts to a fairy tale for grown-ups, try to keep enough facts and try to give enough detail that the reader or the audience will say, “Well, it could have happened,” and then your public goes along with the fun.

But if you make it too wild, and you don’t give any reason why it is as wild as it is, then sometimes it can be overkill.

So what I’m trying to say is, let your imagination flow freely, but always base what happens on some sort of provable fact so that the reader or the viewer will go along with it and enjoy it as much as you enjoy writing it.

So good luck to you! Thanks for listening and I really enjoyed talking to you.


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