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Steve Jobs Lost Interview 1990 (Full Transcript)

Steve Jobs: Yeah, right, the older people all want to know how it does what it does but the young people just want to know what it can do.

Interviewer: Okay, wrap that up in two –the graphical interface, the trend, the line that we’re going, how about this – where are we in the evolution of the user interface? And where are we going?

Steve Jobs: The whole discussion about user interface is just strange to me because to me it’s just sort of a natural thing that had to happen and did happen and it’s happened. It’s kind of like automatic transmissions. Not quite the same as that but…

Interviewer: Okay, networking. Why is networking important? Why is it the future?

Steve Jobs: Well in the nineties we’re going revolutionize human to human communication using these desktop computers in the same way that spreadsheets revolutionized financial modeling and the desktop publishing revolutionized publishing.

Interviewer: Great.

Steve Jobs: Okay, good.

Interviewer: Anything we haven’t covered?

Steve Jobs: No, I got to go.

Interviewer: This is great. Thank you very much.


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