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Tackling Diabetes With a Bold New Dietary Approach by Neal Barnard (Full Transcript)

So, that’s where we are. And what if it happened that instead of a hundred million Americans having diabetes or pre-diabetes, what if all hundred million had diabetes itself? Or more people than that? All of them need medicines, and testing, and hospital care, and so forth. Financially, it’s a disaster. But, personally, the personal cost is just incalculable.

Now I think we’re starting to turn the corner: my family has promoted meat for generation after generation, after generation. However, in 2004, we reached the peak at 201.5 pounds of meat. That’s what the average person consumed in that year. And in the subsequent years, it’s dropped and dropped, and we’re now under 190, and hopefully, that downward trend will continue. But to this day, doctors, dieticians, nurses they will say, “Diabetes is a one way street, it never goes away.”

But that was before we looked around the world and saw, you know, there are dietary patterns that are more helpful. And that was before we realized that looking inside the cell, we can understand how this occurs, and we can understand how to reverse this process. And it was before we realized that patients will make bigger changes than we gave them credit for. So, families like mine, that have been selling meat for generations, instead, maybe we can sell carrots, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and beans, and hopefully, the autopsy room will more neglected than ever, because people are going to live longer, and they’re going to look better, and maybe the hospital cafeteria, instead of serving ribs, could serve a bounty of helpful foods, and instead of studying epidemics, maybe we can celebrate a resurgence of health.

Thank you very much.


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