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3 Ways to Build a Happy Marriage & Avoid Divorce: George Blair-West (Transcript)

Dr George Blair-West is an author, researcher and medical doctor specialising in psychiatry in private practice in Brisbane, Australia. In an actionable, eye-opening talk, psychiatrist George Blair-West shares three keys to preventing divorce — and spotting potential problems while you’re still dating. Here is the full text of Dr. George’s talk titled “3 Ways to […]

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George MacKerron: Happiness Quantified @ Talks at Google (Full Transcript)

GEORGE MACKERRON (inventor of Mappiness): Well, Alex has stolen the content on my first couple of slides. So I guess I’m George, and I’m going to talk to you about the economics of happiness and some of the findings of my own research. As Alex says, I’ve got several hats, academic economist, creator of a […]


George Tulevski: The Next Step in Nanotechnology (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of scientist George Tulevski’s TED Talk: The Next Step in Nanotechnology.  Listen to the MP3 Audio: The next step in nanotechnology by George Tulevski George Tulevski – Scientist at IBM Research Let’s imagine a sculptor building a statue, just chipping away with his chisel. Michelangelo had this elegant way of describing it […]