Matt Beane: How Do We Learn to Work with Intelligent Machines? (Transcript)

In this talk, Matt Beane shares a vision that flips the current story into one of distributed, machine-enhanced mentorship that takes full advantage of AI’s amazing capabilities while enhancing our skills at the same time. Matt Beane – TED Salon: November 2018 TRANSCRIPT It’s 6:30 in the morning, and Kristen is wheeling her prostate patient […]

Mental Health

How Virtual Reality Can Improve Your Mental Health: Matt Vogl (Transcript)

Matt Vogl — TEDxMileHigh TRANSCRIPT So 16 years ago, I was working nights as a stand-up comic. And I’m not going to lie: right now I’d much rather be holding the microphone in my hand than having it strapped to my face like some nerd doing a TED Talk. Comedy is full of crazy highs and […]

Life & Style

Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment: Matt Killingsworth (Full Transcript)

Matt Killingsworth – Happiness researcher So, people want a lot of things out of life, but I think, more than anything else, they want happiness. Aristotle called happiness “the chief good,” the end towards which all other things aim. According to this view, the reason we want a big house or a nice car or a […]