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Hi, my name is Josh and this is a fish. In just a few minutes, I am going to show you how this fish will help you get laid. And I’ll do it without teaching you cheesy pickup lines that don’t work, without letting you spend a dime on dinners and drinks, and without anyone ever noticing you’re using his techniques on them.

But first, I’ve got to warn you: I have taught this technique you’re about to learn to over 110,000 guys just like you who live in over 30 countries around the world, and it’s going to make hot women stare at you and uncontrollably chase you.

And if you read till the end of this page, I’m going to give you the system that is literally step-by-step and is proven to create sexual intrigue that is so compelling and so powerful that almost any girl you use it on will find their penis around their knees soak to the max before she can even say my name is…

Listen, I pulled this off so many times I’ve lost count. It even works if she thinks you’re unattractive. In fact, if you follow my step-by-step method to the letter, it’s literally out of her control. She has to respond. Won’t that be a secret you’d love to know?

Well, this is the fact. All women go through the same exact process every time they decide to sleep with a guy. And trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this before. So make sure you read this article to the very end.

Sex Story

But first, I am going to tell you a sex story. Yeah, I know most guys would tell you all about their different media appearances they’ve done, all the books they have authored, blah, blah. And yeah, I could bore you with that crap. I have a credentialed resume that would make the biggest player you know run home to his mama.

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Now listen if you’re smart, you don’t give a damn about that. And I bet you don’t. You probably just want the juice, the secret sauce, and I am going to get to that in just a few seconds, right after my sex story. Deal?

Cool. So how did the skinny little loser looking dude go from zero to sleeping with up to 15 new hotties a month, did I get rich, did I memorize the line after lame ass line, did I put on pheromone cologne? Hell no.

The truth is pretty brutal. I was an absolute lapper with women until I discovered the system. If you looked up whip in the dictionary, it’d say, see Josh Pellicer. In fact, if I hadn’t hit complete rock-bottom, I’d probably still be terrible to this day.

You see, several years ago I was living with my complete ice queen of an ex-girlfriend in North Carolina. She was hot, young and she knew it, you know a total Barbie who always gets what she wants. And I thought she was amazing in bed. Now that I have been with a few hundred more women, I wouldn’t even rate her a 5.

Listen, back then the old Josh did anything she wanted. She wanted to move to North Carolina. I said, okay, let’s go. She wanted to keep in touch with her ex-boyfriend. I told her, it’s okay. I understand. She wanted me to pay for the apartment. I was like a deadbeat, so I said. I will work two jobs, no problem. I just wanted to make her happy.

But one brutally hot day, I come home from a 14-hour shift at the coffee shop I worked at to find her freaking out. She told me that her dad was making a surprise visit, and she never told him that she was dating anyone, and definitely not that she was living with someone. And the worse part: he was showing up that night.

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So she told me to get all my stuff and leave the house for a couple of days, so he wouldn’t find out that I lived there with her. And like a little boy that I was, I left. I got all my stuff packed into my little crappy black Honda Accord and drove out not having any idea where I’d go. I didn’t have any friends in town and I was way too proud to ask some random person if I could stay with them.

So I drove around until I found a vacant house that was for sale and I parked behind that hoping no one would notice me sleeping in my car. It wouldn’t have been too bad really, but I had to do it for three days in a row. And on the third day, something happened and I snapped. See I had to sleep with my windows open because it was way too hot to close them. But the mosquitoes were so bad that I had to use a blanket to keep them off me. So I only slept about two hours each night and I couldn’t even lean the driver seat back because all my stuff was packed in the back seat behind me.

So I had to sleep sitting up in the driver seat, covered in a blanket, in the sweltering heat behind a vacant house like a hobo. And then it happened.

I was half asleep and I hear, “Freeze, put your hands, so I can see you”. I freak out, of course. So in a dazed, I put my hands out the window and a swarm of police officers jogged over my car with their guns out and aimed at my window. Apparently, the neighbor had seen a strange car parked behind the vacant lot and called the police. I guess I would have done the same thing.

After they calmed down and realized I wasn’t some national threat, they asked me what I was doing there. And that’s when I did it. I told them that my girlfriend’s dad was in town and he didn’t know we were dating. So I had to sleep in my car for a few days.

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That’s when one cop turned off his flashlight, looked to the other cop in complete disbelief and turned to me and said, “Seriously?”

I was tired and I didn’t have the energy to explain more. So I just said, “Yeah”. I think he was still trying to be professional, so he told me that I needed to go somewhere else and he told me to try sleeping in a Wal-Mart parking lot. And as he was turning to walk back to his car, I heard him say, “Poor bastard”.

The rest of the night I did some serious thinking. I sort of had to, because I couldn’t go to sleep. Have you ever been so tired that you can’t fall asleep? Well, that was me. I just sort of woke up and realized that I was a complete and utter wuss. I was a sorry excuse for a man. If my dad knew how much of a wuss I had become, he’d be disappointed.

So that night, I wrote a note to myself on a piece of notebook paper that said, “I will get this attraction thing handled, or I will die trying”. I still carry that note around with me to this day.

So I grabbed the first thing I knew to look at out of my back seat. My psychology notebook from when I went to college in Florida. I opened it randomly and I started reading, and I didn’t know if I was delirious from no sleep for three days or if something just snapped and my IQ jumped 50 points. But I suddenly noticed a theory that my professor taught me that just went in one ear and out the other. Propinquity. The $10 word which is probably why I never admitted in the first place.

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