TD Jakes: Mocked and Beaten Speech (Transcript)

He says before I get to the resurrection, I’m going to be mocked, I’m going to be scourged and I’m going to be crucified.

My final five minutes is to all of those who are somewhere in that stage of being mocked or being scourged or being crucified. You’re going through humiliation right now. Your life is a mockery.

Let me testify. Many times in my life, my life has been a mockery. Many times — the things that I did publicly, I struggled with privately. Can I be real with you?

Many times I could help you with your stuff and couldn’t fix mine. Can it be real with you?

Many times my life was a mockery, how could you be so strong about this and so weak about this. It was a mockery.

Have you ever had something happen to you that mocked everything you stood for? They said I thought you were a Christian, I thought you were a man of faith. I thought you were a woman of power. I thought you were counseling other people’s marriages. I thought you, I thought you, I thought you… I want to talk to the people that life mocks you.

Life mocks you. You’re running a counseling center and your daughter pregnant. Life mocks you. You… your girlfriend with her marriage and your husband just walked out the back door. Is there anybody in here that life mocks you?

You’re going to get mocked sometime. You’re going to get beat sometime. If you never get beat you’ll never understand how to win. If you never get beat you won’t respect the game. If you never get beat, you will never understand who you are.

I want to talk to somebody who’s going through a period where life beats you now. You almost didn’t even come to church today because life has beat you down. Make some noise if I’m preaching to you.

And then you can be mocked in private and you can be beaten in private. But you can only be crucified in public. He said they’re going to mock me; they’re going to beat me; and then I’m going to go through public humiliation. They’re going to crucify me. So I can’t get out of it, strip me naked and expose me to the world, and the terrible thing about being stripped naked is that it always creates shame, even though the shame is foolish because your nakedness is no different than mine.

Your issues are no different than mine. Your secrets are no different than mine. Your situations are no different than mine. But when somebody strips you and put you on public display, you feel like you’re in a situation all by yourself. Is there anybody in here feel like you are all by yourself?

So Jesus told the woman, he said, they’re going to mock me, he said then they’re going to beat me, and then they’re going to crucify me. He said but when they get to crucifying me, let me tell you what’s going to happen next. Touch your neighbor and tell him your story is not over. Your story is not over.

After you suffered a while, if you can stand up to them talking about you, if you can stand up to getting beaten sometime, if you can stand up to being crucified sometime.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning. Going gets tough, going gets tight, going gets painful, don’t give up when you’re publicly humiliated. Don’t give up because if you can hang on in there, Sunday morning, Sunday morning, you’ll run again. I’m crying right now but I’ll rise again. I’m bruised right now but I’ll rise.


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