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Ted Powell: When Your Mind Works Against You at TEDxJacksonville (Transcript)

And then the last thing to be aware of is the negative versus the positive news that you pick up. For every 17 negative messages, there’s one positive message. There is a reason for that: the Drunken Monkey likes negative news. Now the reason for that is because our human mind is basically programmed to stay on the alert for anything that will threaten us in our survival. So we like that. OK, it gives us a false sense of security. So that’s one of the reasons why when you turn the television on, that’s all you see is negative news.

I was having lunch the other day and the banner related to the Parliament shootings was this could have been a huge massacre, that was on for two hours while I had lunch. Well guess what, it wasn’t. But that’s what they were doing was feeding the Drunken Monkey. So it’s very very important to be aware of that and to limit. Your digestion of that news and to look for a combination of positive and negative sources.

Beware of fearful rhetoric

And then finally beware of fearful rhetoric which is related to what I just talked about here. Now here would be an example of some fearful rhetoric. This was something that was said in the media a while back. “The President needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home”. OK, I’ll let you guess who said that, perhaps some of you all know.

Now by his own admission, President Obama was a little bit slow to recognize the ISIS threat. OK, so this was in response to that. OK, he needs to be challenged and held accountable for that. I’m not sure that this fearful rhetoric is the way you should be held accountable. What do we know about the Drunken Monkey getting involved in policy decisions about going off and creating new wars? OK, we got a long history of that and so it’s very very important to be aware of that.

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And so before I close, just a couple of quick points, because I’ve talked about it from a macro perspective in terms of what goes on that can feed the Drunken Monkey. The Drunken Monkey can get us every day. Pay attention to when the Drunken Monkey has hijacked your thinking. Keep that rascal out of your head. Ask trusted friends to give you insight when they see you going into that fearful place because many times people recognize the angst in us before we can recognize it in ourselves. Realizing that we have the ability to control our way of thinking in a seemingly chaotic world is the most transformative and empowering human experience that we possess. Use it on a daily basis and you will change your life in the world around you in many wonderful ways.

Thank you.


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