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The Dark Side of Our Personal Marketing Data: Kirk Grogan (Transcript)

Nothing I’ve mentioned is what’s up coming in the distant future, or what might occur, or a possible eventuality. Everything I’ve discussed are things I have personally done for clients. And I guarantee I’m not the smartest marketer in this room today.

But even the brightest people in this room are not immune to digital manipulation. And peace can’t be reached by deleting yourself from the digital world. What we really need is open dialog and a collective understanding of how these tactics have divided us and how we can reconcile those differences. It requires we all recognize that individuals who are neither elected nor removable have the capability to alter and impact our daily lives.

And most importantly, it requires we all recognize that every single one of us and our beliefs and thoughts we hold may not be as uniquely ours as we would like to think.

So to leave you today, I want you to recognize one thing: Your data is valuable. It is valuable as a consumer, as a voter and as a human. If you need proof, try to find a single person in your life who has never seen an ad on Google or Facebook. If you can’t, it’s because companies find all of your decisions valuable.

Listen, your data is quite literally your life story, and I sincerely hope that you were the only author crafting that narrative.

Thank you.

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