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The Formula for Breakthrough Growth: Andrew Ballard (Transcript)

But what I learned is that failures and the way others judge you don’t define you. Whether you’re a mother, a student, or a business owner, when you achieve breakthrough growth for yourselves, it empowers you to help others achieve breakthroughs for themselves, because isn’t the only true measure of success not just what we accomplish in our lives, but what we inspire others to do?

So, what will breakthrough growth mean for you? What will inspire your vision? What information gap can you bridge? What can you do that’s new, special, or different?

I don’t know; only you can answer those questions. What I do know is that when you add vision plus insight plus innovation, there is nothing worthwhile you can’t accomplish.

So…breakthrough growth.

I want it for you because I found it for myself.

Thank you so much.

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