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The Language of Desire – Dirty Words to Make Him Yours by Felicity Keith [Full Transcript)

He looked me in the eye and asked, “Where the hell did that come from”?

I just smiled. And he curled up next to me and hugged me tight and we slept and dreamed so soundly like that, twisted in the blankets until the alarm went off the next day.

I told my best friend Michelle all about it at lunch. She was scandalized and excited. As we were paying the bill, she super casually said, “So, Felicity, did you learn anything I can use with Rob?” She said it with a laugh, twisting her wedding ring on her finger like an anxious tic.

I wasn’t sure at first. I’d worked so hard for so long. Was this really something I wanted to share? She is my best friend. How could I say no? At midnight, I got a text from her in all caps with a huge smiley emoticon saying, “Oh my God! Your Pavlov’s Erection thing is genius and really works. He didn’t know what hit him. Thank you”.

I guess Michelle couldn’t keep a secret or maybe people could just see the glow. My sister Laura called me up and asked if I had a trick for her to try, you know, just for fun. Laura was always single and was always complaining the guys pulled away after a couple dates. She said she used the Cuddle Hormone Technique I created with a guy while sitting at dinner. She got to work the next day to find a huge bouquet of flowers and a note begging to take her out again. And then things got a little crazy. I achieved this weird cult status locally. Friends, family, 22-year old girls to 70-year-old recent divorcees to my mom who I refused to talk about any of the stuff, started to use my techniques and raved about how simple and easy and magical it was to make a man monogamy addict this simple way, to take away all his distractions like you’re suddenly the only woman on the planet for him.

Somewhere along the way what I was teaching all these women got the name The Language of Desire and it kind of stuck, because that’s what it is: the secret erotic language of the masculine mind, which brings us to now and brings us to you learning the Language of Desire too.

Now I’m about to unlock this door for you. But first, there is something I desperately need you to understand about love and passion and lust in the minds of men, because this isn’t just a power, it’s a responsibility. Once you learn how to tease and gloriously torment a man the secret way, you’ll be able to give him a more intense, pleasurable, connected and erotic sexual experience, sitting at a table at a restaurant acting completely innocent as far as everyone around you is concerned than his ex-girlfriend could in a whole sweaty naked weekend.

And this next thing is important. Listen to me closely. You’ll be able to do all of this without ever acting or feeling like a slut. I know this sounds almost supernatural and I can’t wait for you to experience what it feels like to be so totally wanted. But this isn’t magic, it’s science, it’s chemistry. Because the dirty wonderful words and phrases you’re going to learn have been psychologically designed to hit the masculine mind like a drug.

Listen, imagine if we took a brain scan of the man you want at the moment you look him in the eye, smile and whisper these very special words. If you compared it to a brain scan of a heroin addict at the moment he injected into his vein, would you be able to tell the difference? Not really. In both cases, you’d see an explosion of dopamine flooding his brain.

If you don’t know what dopamine is, it’s the pleasure chemical, the same chemical release when you share a passionate kiss with someone you love or cheat on your diet or gorge on chocolate or win the lottery and that hit of dopamine is what motivates every man, woman and animal on this planet. And without even knowing why he is going to come to you again and again to get his fix.

So are you ready to feel what it’s like to be the only one for him? Are you ready for him to put down the cell phone, stop talking about work and really be present with you? Are you ready to be his sexual obsession?

If you’re still reading this, it means the answer is yes, yes, yes.

The Language of Desire is the result of over a year of non-stop intensive research, testing and work. Hard work I did, so you don’t have to.

See, when I decided to share these techniques with women around the world, I set myself a goal as big and lofty as climbing Everest. And to reach that goal, this new program needed to accomplish three things.

Number one, it had to be easy, as close to done for you as possible, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with the words or memorizing a bunch of stuff. It needed to work even if you’re shy.

Number two, it had to be inspirational which is why this language teaches you how to inspire a man, to give you what you want and need so much.

Number three, it needed to be transformational. For me to feel satisfied, this system had to be more than just dirty words on a page. Just by allowing yourself to experience this program, you’ll transform your whole attitude towards men and sex and open yourself to a whole new world of intimacy, connection and pleasure. And after months and months of work, testing this stuff in my own life, giving it two women from 18 to 80 and hearing their amazing passionate raving reviews, here we are at the top of Everest.

Here’s just a tiny sample of the secrets you’re going to get and the amazing results you’re going to almost automatically get when you get the Language of Desire program today.

The Pavlov’s Erection technique. Use this and you will condition a man to become unreasonably turned on and vibrating with desire for you every time you whisper a seemingly innocent phrase of your choice in his ear.

Sick of your guy looking at porn and ignoring you? You’ll get the Porn Destroyer phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and seduce you as the gorgeous woman you are right in front of him.

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