The Mindset and Attitude of Thinking Wealthy: Jim Rohn (Transcript)

Now attitude diseases are just as bad as physical diseases, right? High blood pressure, heart trouble, I mean a lot of things lace your chances to do well. So you got to be careful and attitude diseases are deadly. I mean they’ll destroy all the good things you start.

Okay, so we’ll go through those attitude diseases, how to spot them, how to look for them, what they are and, and the cure. And I’m a pro on these because I’ve had them all, so I can give you excellent advice on these.

Now the last subject we’re going to consider tonight is called the day that turns your life around. The day that turns your life around. Under this subject, we’re going to talk about the emotions that can change your life.

Human beings are emotional creatures and emotions are powerful for life change. Now, of course, the emotions are so powerful they can go either way on you. Emotions can either build or destroy. So you really have to employ emotions properly.

We call civilization the intelligent management of human emotions. If you can intelligently apply your emotions in the right direction, no telling what can happen, could turn your life around one day would be sufficient. So we’ll talk about those.

Okay. Now that’s a lot to cover in one evening. But we’ll keep at it here and see if we can get it all done.

I’d like to have you now jot down the theme of the seminar. Every seminar should have a theme, I guess; we’ve got one. It’s on some of our literature if you happen to notice it, but if you didn’t for your notes. Here it is.

The theme of the seminar goes like this: the major key to your better future is you. That’s the theme of our seminar tonight. The major key to your better future is you and I’d like to have underlined two words just to give it some added punch. Underline the word major and the word you.

So that it reads the major key to your better future is you. Now my first suggestion is transfer this to a card or something where you can put it up where you can see it every day. Preferably put it up where you can see it at the beginning of the day, before you go off to put the day together. This is a good phrase, just to glance at to keep in mind as you’re putting the day together. It’s called the silent seminar.

If you’ll just let this talk to you during the day, I found it to be tremendously helpful: the major key to your better future is you. For a big share of my life now I didn’t have this one quite figured out. Among a lot of things I didn’t have quite figured out.

Many things used to puzzle me back in those early days. I used to wonder why two people could work for the same company, one make twice as much money. Now see that used to puzzle me, and maybe they were the same age. Graduated from the same school, lived in the same community, worked for the same company with the same products and the same services. They’ve got the same traffic, the same problems. And one makes 1000 a month, the other one makes 2000 a month.

Now, that was my puzzling question: why would this long list be the same and the money twice as much? I asked, what’s the difference between 1000 a month and 2000 a month? And I don’t mean 1000 a month, right? I could figure that out.

But what makes the difference? Why would one person do twice as well, three times as well? Speaking economically. Now, I know there’s more than one way to do well, I understand that.

But in this little narrow area called compensation, what’s the difference? Well, back then with my faulty thinking, I’m trying to reason it out. I thought, well, maybe time makes some of the difference, right? Some people do better because they have more time.

I used to say Harold ought to be able to do well. He’s got a lot of time. If I had all of Harold’s time I could do well. Now that’s got to be done right?

Number one, you can’t get somebody else’s time. A guy says to me one time, he says, you know, if I had some extra time, I could make some extra money. I said, then forget it. There isn’t any extra time. Hey, when the clock strikes 12 midnight, that about wraps it up, right? I mean, you can look around the gongs here for a little more, but it’s over.

You say to the guy, what are you doing? He’s looking for extra time. See, they’ll come and take you away, right? There isn’t any more time.

Now if you can’t get more time, which you can’t, what could you get more of that would make a difference in economic results. And here’s the keyword. Make it a part of your notes. We’re going to consider it tonight. The word is value. And I have a little phrase for your notes.

Value makes the difference in results. Value makes the difference. You can’t get more time but you can create more value.

Now here’s the first lesson of economics. Everybody should learn it from the time they’re old enough to understand what $1 means: how to earn one, how to get one, how to keep one, what to do with it.

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