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The Surprising Secret That Solves Your Problems Quickly: Collins Key (Transcript)

Now you may or may not have noticed them. And if you didn’t, here’s a little hint. If you go back and watch this again, you’ll notice that every time I touch my key, say the answer is hiding in plain sight, I would point to the clue that you will need to quickly solve these next few problems.

Now there’s a chance you probably just didn’t even notice that you perceive as I touch my key just an irrelevant gesture. You didn’t expect such a simple action could contain the answer to what you perceived as a much more complicated problem.

So here are the challenges. The first one, how do you drink champagne from the bottle without opening it? Immediately your mind will start thinking of all these different solutions most of which probably have to do with a complicated way of getting the cork off and getting the champagne out without actually opening up the bottle. Keep thinking.

The next one here involves two glasses. A dollar bill suspended between them and a salt shaker. And the challenge is to get the salt shaker to balance on top of the dollar bill while staying suspended so when you let go it won’t drop down to the table.

Again the answer is probably a lot easier than you think. And also again if you want to learn these all you got to do is just watch this again and look for the times when I touch my key point and say the answer is hiding in plain sight.

Now this here is actually what people consider a bar bet. So if you’re familiar with magic and puzzles you probably recognize it. And it uses the exact same principles that magicians have been using all along.

If you had a bit of difficulty like figuring it out, don’t worry because it’s actually much easier to fool a really intelligent person than someone who maybe isn’t quite as sophisticated. I got you. I got you. But it’s really true.

It’s actually very difficult to fool children and I’ll explain why. For a really sophisticated person you will almost always talk yourself out of the simple solution. Even though it’s the right solution, your misconception will cause you to overlook the obvious.

Now this also has you call create a false set of assumptions. For example, a child will see a lady floating in the air and say, yeah well there are strings holding her up. A more sophisticated person would say, you see that I can’t see any strings. Plus it would take a lot of strings to support the weight of a person. They utilize information based upon prior knowledge and experience and they don’t go beyond those parameters.

And finally they create a false set of expectations. Because a magician passed a hoop around the lady, they allow this one simple action to blind them from the truth. It’s the perfect example of misconceptions, assumptions, and expectations all working against you. All stopping you from achieving your goal.

But once you master these principles you will be able to unleash the answers and realize the benefits that are always hiding in plain sight.

Thank you. Thank you all so much.


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