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This Could Be Why You’re Depressed Or Anxious: Johann Hari (Transcript)

There are very real biological contributions to depression and anxiety. But if we allow the biology to become the whole picture, as I did for so long, as I would argue our culture has done pretty much most of my life, what we’re implicitly saying to people is, and this isn’t anyone’s intention, but what we’re implicitly saying to people is, “Your pain doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a malfunction. It’s like a glitch in a computer program, it’s just a wiring problem in your head.”

But I was only able to start changing my life when I realized your depression is not a malfunction. It’s a signal. Your depression is a signal. It’s telling you something.

We feel this way for reasons, and they can be hard to see in the throes of depression — I understand that really well from personal experience. But with the right help, we can understand these problems and we can fix these problems together.

But to do that, the very first step is we have to stop insulting these signals by saying they’re a sign of weakness, or madness or purely biological, except for a tiny number of people.

We need to start listening to these signals, because they’re telling us something we really need to hear. It’s only when we truly listen to these signals, and we honor these signals and respect these signals, that we’re going to begin to see the liberating, nourishing, deeper solutions. The cows that are waiting all around us.

Thank you.


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