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Tim Cook at Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote (Full Transcript)

And I am going to use an example of a popular phone from a few years ago. This is the iPhone 6 Plus. Now on that device, iOS 12 delivers a number of improvements across common operations. You’ll see that apps launch up to 40% faster; the keyboard can come up to 50% faster. And you can slide to take a photo at up to 70% faster.

Our deepest focus this year is optimizing the system when it’s under load and that’s why you need performance the most and where iOS 12 really shines. Now we’ve put iOS 12 through our stress test and we saw in those conditions Share sheet coming up twice as fast and apps launching twice as fast. These are big, big improvements.

Now this took changes… thank you very much… this took improvements in many many places in the system and I want to highlight just one and it starts with the silicon. You know, our tight collaboration with our chip team has enabled us to optimize iOS across the full range of our A Series silicon.

Now CPUs traditionally respond to increased demand for performance by slowly ramping up their clock speed. Well, now on iOS 12, we’re much smarter. When we detect that you need a burst of performance like when you begin scrolling or launching an app, we ramp up processor performance instantly to its highest state, delivering high performance and then ramp it down just as fast to preserve battery life. Now these are just some of the improvements that are coming to, not just our older devices, but the full range of devices. And that’s a quick update on performance.

Now, if this is all we’ve done in iOS 12, I think it would be a great release. But we’ve done more, much more. And we have a lot to cover today, and it starts with augmented reality.

Now, AR is transformational technology. It’s bringing experiences into the real world; it enables all kinds of new experiences: changing the way we have fun and the way we work. And in iOS 12 we wanted to make an easy way to experience AR across the system. And to do that, we got together with some of the greatest minds in 3D at Pixar and together we created a new file format for AR. It’s called USDC. And it’s a compact single file format that’s optimized for sharing while retaining great 3D graphics and even animations.

Now you can use USDC across the system from the files app to Safari, even sharing them over messages and mail. And what’s great is you can place these 3D objects into the real world. It’s something that’s like AR quick look; it’s really awesome. Now we want all kinds of creatives to be able to create content for AR. And so we’re working with the leading companies for 3D tools and 3D libraries to bring their support for USDC.

Now one company that’s been all in on USDC and ARKit is Adobe. And to tell you about what they’re up to, I’d like to invite Abhay Parasnis, their CTO to the stage. Abhay?

Abhay Parasnis – Chief Technology Officer, Adobe

Thanks Craig. It’s great to be here this morning. So at Adobe, we believe augmented reality is an incredibly important technology. And with ARKit, Apple is by far the most powerful platform for AR.

So earlier Craig talked about USDC format. It’s actually a pretty big deal. There is now a way to deliver AR experiences across the entire iOS experience. And so today we’re actually announcing that we are going to bring native USDC support to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. With Creative Cloud, designers and developers will now be able to use familiar apps — apps that they know and love, like Photoshop or Dimension to create amazing AR content and bring it easily via USDC.

And of course, we’re not going to stop there. We are going to bring the power of immersive design to Creative Cloud with a new set of services and applications, including a brand new iOS application that is going to let all of you design amazing AR experiences quickly. So you will be able to bring in images, videos, texts, any object from Creative Cloud directly into a native AR environment. In fact, for the first time with Creative Cloud and iOS you will have: what you see is what you get editing in AR. It’s pretty cool.

So come join us this afternoon State of the Union where we’re going to give you a sneak peek of some of these new immersive design tools for the first time.

Thanks. Back to you, Craig.

Craig Federighi – SVP, Software Engineering, Apple Inc.

Thank you, Abhay. Now a critical part of enabling AR is accurate measurement. And fortunately, the precise calibration of sensors in iOS devices and our tight hardware software integration mean that we do this really well. And we want to enable everyone to take advantage of this capability. So we’re introducing a new app, and it’s called Measure makes it really easy to measure objects, detect rectangles and get their dimensions and measure lines along surfaces. And I’d like to show it to you now.

Now in looking for something to measure, I ended up digging through the attic and came upon my old suitcase from my travelling days in college, a lot of memories in here. Now I’m actually in the Measure app. You see, I can easily measure along the suitcase by just tapping and dragging out a line like that, and check that out. It’s a measurement. Now what’s really cool is I can extend these measurements, so I can just tap, drag along another edge, just like that, even take it a full 3D, dragging down to the bottom, like that. Isn’t that cool?

Now I mentioned that we can automatically detect rectangles and show you dimensions of objects. So I have a photo here actually, it’s one my mom always wanted me to travel with of me as a baby. And so you see what I can do with Measure is it automatically detects the dimensions of that photo, I can just tap and get a cute little baby, and you can get measurements just like that. It’s really fantastic.

Now I’d like to turn now to USDC and its support throughout the system. You know, you can experience USDC in so many places and one of those places is News. Now here’s an article; we’re all accustomed to seeing images in news articles but check this out. Here you see USDC asset. I can just tap on the subtle 3D control and jump right in and experience it. You can see the amazing animations that are possible, and of course it’s fully interactive. So I can zoom in and paint. Isn’t that amazing?

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