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Tim Cook at Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote (Full Transcript)

Now USDC is also great in the Web. So here I am at the Fender website and actually let you configure your guitar with the kind of finish and pickguard that you want. So I can select the configuration option here and then I can see the guitar I’ve configured. So I am just going to tap in. Of course, I can see the guitar here but wouldn’t be cool if I could see it in the real world in its real size? Well there it is. Check that out. I think I am going to capture that for posterity. And that’s a quick look at USDC and Measure in iOS 12.

Next, I’d like to talk about the key technology behind these augmented reality experiences, and that’s ARKit. ARKit opens up the world of AR to hundreds of millions of users, making it the world’s largest AR platform by far. And we’re on a relentless pace of advancement with AR and that continues today with ARKit 2.

ARKit 2 delivers advances with improved face tracking, more realistic rendering and support for 3D object detection and persistence which enables launching into AR experiences associated with a particular object or physical space like starting a game built around a physical toy or having a physical classroom service the foundation for a lesson that was offered in AR. But probably best is the support for shared experiences. Now this delivers true multi-user augmented reality. You and the people around you will be able to see your own perspective on a common virtual environment, and to help all you developers get started, we created this sample app written in Swift that you will all be getting today. Now check out how both players and even a third observer can all experience the same environment in real time. It’s really fun.

Now we’ve also brought in select few developers into our labs over the last couple weeks to work with ARKit. And they loved it. Now one of them is LEGO and what they’ve done is so fun you just need to see it. So I’m pleased to invite Martin Sanders, Director of Innovation of LEGO to the stage to give you a live demonstration. Martin?

Martin Sanders – Director of Innovation of LEGO

Thank you very much. Creating and playing with physical Lego sets brings great joy to millions of children and Lego fans all over the world. And now with ARKit 2, we get to expand those creative possibilities like never before and take things beyond the physical. What we try to do is combine physical and digital together to really open up those creative play possibilities, because our Lego sets are really the start point for all of those children’s imaginations. When we get a chance to really embed ARKit 2, it takes it to the next level. Let me show you what I mean.

Here we have Assembly Square. It’s one of our Lego creative sets and already has so many great details; it’s awesome to play with. But wouldn’t it be great if we could take things even further? Well, now with 3D object detection we get to recognize our models. And just look at all of those rich details we can now bring into our sets. Because when we combine physical and digital together like this, it really opens up those creative play possibilities. And there’s so much to do here. As you see these icons of both people and objects, well they represent missions and stories that we can explore. And with the world as rich and his immersive as this, who wouldn’t want to play? So let’s add a character. How about this little guy here?

Welcome back. Let’s go on an adventure. Awesome, let’s go on an adventure. Going on adventure with friends is off the way more fun. So Anders, when you jump on in here I’m always up for an adventure. Perfect, because now with ARKit 2’s multi-user support we get to play it up to four friends in the same space. Let’s go ahead and add a few things from my collection Anders. OK, I will add a bank over here. Very nice, I like it. How about taking this for a spin? Because just look at all those rich details you can see on the outside of the building and even on the inside.

I think I’m going to add this guy .He’s definitely going to keep the bank safe. Oh look my character’s hungry; let’s take him over to the bakery and see what they have. Because now with ARKit 2, we get to see inside our physical creations and check out all the details that were hidden before. Add a ballerina, a little music session going on and looks like bathrooms… moving on oh another play trigger in the bakery. Let’s see what happens when I click on this. That doesn’t look too good. Anders, get a situation, I am going to need your help over here. OK, I’ve got a fire talk. Perfect, you put out those flames while… oh oh dear, something’s gotten traps on the roof, so I’m going to use this helicopter to go and pick up these clowns. I get on down there. Almost done. Great those guys are safe. And the flames look like they’re almost out. Perfect, we did it. I knew I’m for a collection. But the fun doesn’t need to end there, because with ARKit 2 we get to save our entire world back into our physical set and pick up where we left off.

What makes it truly amazing is that with just a single Lego creation and ARKit 2 it really opens up those creative play possibilities. So look out for more Lego AR experiences in the App Store later this year. Thank you very much everybody.

Craig Federighi – SVP, Software Engineering, Apple Inc.

Isn’t that great? So that’s our update on AR in iOS 12.

Next, I’d like to turn to Photos. You know, over a trillion photos are captured on iPhone each year. And Photos is the best way to relive and share those moments. This year we’re making Photos even better and it starts with search. Search has powerful object and scene recognition, let you search for photos based on things like searching for cars, dogs or flowers and that’s a great way to explore your library.

But in iOS 12, Search now starts working for you, even before you start typing with search suggestions. It will highlight things for you like key moments and people that are important to you; places where you’ve taken some great photos, and even categories of photos like hiking and water sports. And Search is much more powerful than ever. You can search for places by business name, so you could search for SFMOMA or even a broad category like museum. And Photos indexes over 4 million events by time and place, things like sporting events and concerts and so you can search for them and find photos you took at those events.

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