Transcript: Carmine Gallo Discusses Three Secrets All Inspiring Messages Share at Stanford

Two weeks later, scientists are calling me back and sending me emails saying, wow, that worked! We used it for a pitch in front of Congress, we’ve used it internally. It works. It works because, when you’re talking to people who don’t understand your story as well as you do, and most people don’t, you need to go through the process. How do I connect with them? How do I make this story, which could be incredibly complex, how do I make it understandable, memorable, so if that they have to take it up to a stakeholder they can do that? And how do I connect with them emotionally, so by the end of that presentation they like me? They want to work with me. They don’t even know why. They’re not even sure why they’re connecting with you emotionally. They just know that they like you. And these are some of the things that we do.

Yes sir?

Audience: An example of how do you go into a deep dive to pull out the three things to make the message map?

Carmine Gallo: A deep dive from the message map.

Audience: It seems like – but how do you extract those three main things?

Carmine Gallo: You can do that. What I showed you was the outline of the message map. So you’ve got your Twitter friendly headline, and you’ve got your Rule of Three. I can send you this, too. What we’ve done is we actually create a message map where it’s still on one page, but underneath each one of these boxes, you have rhetorical devices that make your message even stronger. A story, an example, a statistic. So, we’re still breaking things up into three. This is — this can be the foundation of a 30 minute pitch, a 30 minute presentation. It can be the foundation for 30 second elevator pitch. That’s the beauty of it.

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So the deep dive you actually have underneath each category. So under fresh and organic, I could have a whole list of examples or statistics that I can offer if the person wants to know more about this. But if that’s all they want to know, then I can stay up here, at that level. So yeah, there is — you absolutely do need to flesh this out. And I guess I should have been specific. When we do a four hour workshop on message maps, it’s not just this. It’s filling out the rest of the story as well.



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