Transcript: Dr. Gerald Pollack on The Fourth Phase of Water at TEDxGuelphU

The same thing is true if you have droplets. They come together because of the opposing charges. So, when you think of droplets, and aerosol droplets in the air, and think about the cloud, it’s actually the reason that these aerosol droplets come together is because of this opposite charge. So, the droplets from the air, similarly charged, come together coalesce, giving you that cloud in the sky.

So the fourth phase, or EZ phase, actually explains quite a lot. It explains, for example, the cloud. It’s the positive charge that draws these negatively charged EZ shells together to give you a condensed cloud that you see up in the sky. In terms of the water droplets, the reason that these are sustained on the surface for actually sometimes as long as tens of seconds — and you can see it if you’re in a boat and it’s raining, you can sometimes see this on the surface of the lake, these droplets are sustained for some time — and the reason they’re sustained is that each droplet contains this shell, this EZ shell, and the shell has to be breached in order for the water to coalesce with the water beneath.

Now, in terms of the Jesus Christ lizard, the reason the lizard can walk, it’s not because of one single molecular layer, but there are many EZ layers lining the surface, and these are gel-like, they’re stiffer than ordinary surfaces so, therefore, you can float a coin on the surface of the water, you can float a paperclip, although if you put it beneath the surface it sinks right down to the bottom, it’s because of that.

And in terms of the water bridge, if you think of it as plain old, liquid, bulk water — hard to understand. But if you think of it as EZ water and a gel-like character, then you can understand how it could be sustained with almost no droop, a very stiff structure.

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