Transcript: Jeff Lieberman on Science and Spirituality at TEDxCambridge 2011

So, this is even more difficult, because we have to look at our own movie, the movie inside our consciousness. So we’re going to do two quick experiments, and this only will give you a taste of something that takes much longer to understand the depth of.

So, the first one is your sight. From what we understand in physics, all light is a vibration of electromagnetic field. And none of those light waves intrinsically have any color. There’s just this change in frequency. But once those waves go into your eye and into your brain, you create the subjective experience of color.

Now, what this means is that you all think that you are seeing me out here, with a red shirt on, but this red only exists in your head, and so, this entire picture you’re seeing is happening inside your head, in a movie inside your consciousness. And if you remove a little bit of the attention from me directly, you can start to have some attention on yourself, noticing that you are seeing me inside your head.

So, let’s do a second experiment. It’s even more subtle than that one.

Read this sentence twice, silently to yourself.

[The voice in your head]

[“I can hear the voice in my head reading this sentence”]

OK, so it’s weird, right? But you can get this very weird, subtle perspective that you can look at your own thought process objectively. You’re actually listening to the soundtrack of thoughts inside your head, in your movie of consciousness.

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