Transcript: Steve Jobs Speaks at MIT Sloan Distinguished Speaker Series

And we try to push the problems where they belong. If it’s our problems, we take full responsibility for them. We own our process. But they — it’s their job to get us a zero defect material on-time, per agreements. And our philosophy is: our money doesn’t break after we give it to them, so their parts shouldn’t break after they give them to us.


AUDIENCE: Do you see any possibility of bringing NeXT over to portable Macs? And do you see the future of Macs …

STEVE JOBS: You know, I think Macs are going to continue to grow. It depends on what Apple does. I think certain segments of the Mac market are going to continue to grow. I think certain segments of the Mac market are not going to be targeted for future growth. And I think Macs are good computers to do certain things.

But to do the things that people I think are going to want to do in a few years, I don’t think you can do them on a Mac. I don’t think you can do them on DOS and Windows. And so I think there’s a need for some new technology.

Just like, you know, there’s a lot of things that you can do on DOS when the Mac came out, but there were some new things you just couldn’t. And it would take a long time. And I think it’s the same way with the Mac.

Hey, we have to head off into the sunset back to California, but thanks for a chance to be with you all for some time.


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