Unleashing Your Potential: Molly Fletcher at TEDxEmory (Full Transcript)

And I said yeah, I mean it feels like you should. He said no question.

And I said, “Well, listen, what if we work something out where like you gave me 15, 20 free pizzas a month, and I gave them to the apartment complex to all the residents at the tennis clinic and we could maybe put a little coupon from Perro’s Pizza in the newsletter that the residents get at the first of every month. You know and you just give me the free pizzas.”

And he said, “Wow!” He said, “so 15, 20 free pizzas a month and you’ll put a little coupon in the newsletter that the residents get?”

I said exactly.

He goes, “Done, I love it.”

I said okay but listen, man, I don’t have the deal yet. But when I get it I’ll be back and we’ll work it out. And he goes, ‘Love it. Let me know.’

So I go back over to my friend’s apartment and I pick up the phone and I call my buddies at Wilson Sporting Goods. They gave me rackets when I played in college and I said “Hey, can I ask you a huge favor?” I said “Listen, would you help me up in like send me a box of like tennis rackets, you know, keychains, water bottle, t-shirts, I mean just anything good stuff; I’m trying to get this deal to teach tennis for a reduced rate on my rent.”

And he goes, “Wow! Molly”, he said, “yeah you know I’ll do that for you. I’d be happy to.”

And I said okay, great but like I need it tomorrow.

So he goes, ‘Done.’

So I get this box the next day and meanwhile I run over to Kinkos actually again and I print off these little articles that I’d written in this little paper in Lansing, you know, on how to hit a forehand and a backhand like little tennis steps. So I print that off, like 15 of them because I’m thinking this would be really cool to put in the newsletter to all the residents, right.

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So I’m thinking I’ve got to wait a couple days because I’ve got to make sure that the Pro has told the lady because you know how you only have so many shots to walk back in before somebody sort of politely escorts you out of that place. So I wait about a day or so and then I go back over to the property.

And I said “Hey how are you? I’m Molly, I play tennis.”

And she goes “Oh my gosh, I am so glad you’re back.” She said it’s unbelievable, she said I couldn’t find your card, she said but our Pro came in and he’s leaving the property.

I go “No, you’ve got to be joking me. This is incredible.” He goes yeah, he said it’s incredible timing, this is amazing. I said unbelievable. I said well you know I was actually just coming by to bring you this box of stuff because I called my buddies at Wilson and I tell her about these little articles that I’d written, I said oh by the way you know I talked to this pizza place across the street. I said they’re going to give us free pizza to give to all the residents and she goes well, this is fantastic.

And I said well how did it work with a pro, you know what was the deal?

And she said he just taught tennis one night a week on Tuesday nights for an hour, and I said so he could go get a job — another job during the day. And she said exactly. And I said wow that’s awesome.

I said well how did it work? And she said well you know the rent is 850, we gave him 500 bucks off the rent every month and he paid the difference of 350 on the first of every month.

I said oh wow. I said you know I mean the Wilson stuff, you know that we do this hit for prizes program and I said did you have that deal with the pizza place across the street because no, no it’s great. And I said you know what I said, listen, why don’t we just waive it, you know just waive the rent straight up, you know just 850 straight up waive it, you know, it’s cleaner it’s just easier.

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She goes what? I said let’s just waive it. You know, let’s just call it it’s cleaner and she goes well I’ve got to go get that approved, you know I’ve got to go call my boss.

And I said okay I said cool, I said I’m good, you know I got a couple minutes.

So she goes back and she comes back out about five minutes later, and she goes you know what I told him up this Wilson stuff and this pizza deal and these little articles and she said you’re good.

I lived in this apartment complex for nine years and never paid rent. It was beautiful; it was beautiful.

And I tell you that story because to me at the very core I didn’t have a lot of money to make it out of the gates, right? So I had to pull back and discover things that I could do, ways that I could add value to create a platform for myself to pursue my dream of sports marketing. I had to discover the needs inside that apartment complex at the most basic level for what I could do to help solve problems for them, so in turn I could support them, right? That’s what I see the best athletes and coaches do too, right?

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