Using Comic Book Characters To Identify Your True Self: Comicbookgirl19 (Transcript)

And he even acknowledges this about himself. He even has stated before that he has the good old “Parker luck,” and that he never fails to fail.

And one day when I was outlining all of my fails, I came to realize that the reason that I’ve been hating on Peter Parker is because I am Peter Parker!

All of my problems are his problems. I mean, I’m good at being Comic Book Girl 19, and from the outside it looks like I got it going on, but, behind the scenes, my life is a lot less glamorous and I feel like I’m kind of a hot mess.

Reading about Peter Parker and realizing this, it’s really helped me to open up my eyes and understand new things about myself that gave me a context to confront anger about things that were going on in my life that I necessarily couldn’t control.

And it helped me to not be so hard on myself. Because, at the end of the day, even though Peter Parker is kind of a loser, and he can’t get it together, he’s still Spider-Man, and he’s still a really good guy, saving the city.

So, in review, comparing yourself to characters that you love and hate is a really fun and interesting way in learning how to embrace your true self.

But I want to take that one step further, because I believe that once you know your true self, and once you have an understanding of the inner materials that you are working with, you can step beyond any limitations that you find by identifying characters who have traits that you want to possess in your own life and channel in that energy.

For example, I’m more of a creative type, I’m not really a “business and numbers” sort of lady, but I do have a small business, and it is expanding.

So this year, I want to channel a part of my energy into a Lex Luthor archetype, to empower myself, to help meet the needs of my show.

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Now, Lex Luthor may be a supervillain, and he may be trying to kill Superman all the time, but he is a brilliant strategist and an amazing problem solver, and he is an amazing businessman and entrepreneur.

If you think about it, he has chosen to take down an almost untakedownable person. And I feel like you have to have a really good attitude about problems to choose to do that.

Lex Luthor even once said that some would argue that life is a series of problems, and shouldn’t we look at those problems as a chance for us to find solutions?

So, in review, don’t let society dictate who you are, and who you are not supposed to be. Only you can find out who you are, and then from there it’s up to you to build yourself into a Super-You.

It boils down to thinking of your life as a story and thinking of yourself as the main character. And I believe that everyone has the opportunity to lead an amazing and interesting life, and leave one hell of a tale to tell when it’s all said and done.

Thank you.

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