Using Mindfulness to Deal with Everyday Pressures: Regina Chow Trammel (Transcript)

In fact, that divine presence assisted them; it was a source outside of themselves that helped them in discernment, that helped them extend the healing process. It helped further the work that they did in healing their clients.

These therapists understood that they could access a part of themselves, a spiritual side that was accessed through the practice of mindfulness.

And when we can use spirituality, our body responds. And when our body responds, our mind responds. And when our mind responds, our spiritual selves respond again, so forth and so on in a virtuous cycle.

Mindfulness allows us to extend the limits of our human capabilities by accessing all parts of ourselves. We don’t have to compartmentalize those different aspects. We can all work in unison to confront a situation or to help us determine what the next step is.

Mindfulness fosters wellness because we’re caring for ourselves as we care for others. We use all spheres of our lives to attack the problem.

So if you’re interested in building a mindfulness practice, first start with your breath. Anchor your thoughts with a passage or a quote. Take in the benefits of mindfulness.

You will experience stress differently, you will make better decisions, and you will be fostering wellness and an attitude of self-care.

Breathe and be mindful.

Thank you.


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