Water, Cells, and Life: Dr. Gerald Pollack (Full Transcript)

And why do you feel good? Well, it might be some psychological issue, but you’re connecting yourself to the earth, and the earth has been known for a century to be negatively charged; it’s a vast repository, a practically infinite repository of negative charge.

So you soak up this negative charge, which then builds EZ.

So are we solar powered? I think we are, like many other living species. And mother nature didn’t abandon this wonderful mechanism of using light from the sun to give us energy and confer health. And the way this happens, evidence is showing that this happens through splitting of water – just like the first step of photosynthesis.

So we undergo – not just plants – we undergo the first step in photosynthesis. Well, our cells need energy, just like cell phones need energy, and some of that comes from light, not just food, but light. And within limits, the more light we get, the healthier we are.

So seek the sun.

Thank you.


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The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

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