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When Do Kids Start to Care About Other People’s Opinions: Sara Valencia Botto (Transcript)

The research I have shared with you today suggests that this ability emerges very early in development, before we can even utter a complete sentence or are even potty-trained. And it becomes an integral part of who we grow up to be.

So before I go, I’d like to invite you to contemplate on the values that we broadcast in day-to-day interactions, and how these values might be shaping the behavior of those around you.

For example, what value is being broadcasted when we spend more time smiling at our phone than smiling with other people? Likewise, consider how your own behavior has been shaped by those around you, in ways you might not have considered before.

To go back to our simple illustration, do you really prefer Coke over Pepsi? Or was this preference simply driven by what others around you valued? Parents and teachers certainly have the privilege to shape children’s behavior.

But it is important to remember that through the values we convey in simple day-to-day interactions, we all have the power to shape the behavior of those around us.

Thank you.


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