Why Bodybuilding at Age 93 is a Great Idea by Charles Eugster (Full Transcript)

Retirement is a massive health calamity and a future financial disaster.

Diet. Fast, processed and junk food together with soft drinks take advantage of our cravings. Consuming these foods can lead to nutritional imbalance.

Exercise. Vanity is a huge asset. Even at 87, I wanted an Adonis body in order to turn the heads of these sexy, young 70 year-old girls on the beach. I wanted a six pack, but my coach said, we must first work on my bottom, which, she said, was a catastrophe.

Exercise is both a preventive measure and a treatment. The success rate of exercise therapy for a number of conditions is well over 40%. The number of diseases that are treatable by exercise is continuously increasing. Research has shown that those who participate in strenuous competitive sports live longer. Obviously, training for competition is more intense, and in addition, competition gives valuable adrenaline rushes.

At present, longer life expectancy means an ever-extending period of state-supported or company-financed retirement, more disability and more health costs. This was never anticipated.

By 2025 it is estimated that the cost of interest payments, Medicare, Medicaid and social security will consume all US federal income. The economic consequences of chronic disease are so substantial that if present trends continue nation states could be bankrupted.

In the near future, it will be those countries that have the healthiest populations with the healthiest brains that will rule the world.

What can you do? Save your health and save humanity. One of the most interesting developments is the fact that we can rebuild old bodies. The body of an 80-year-old has lost about 50% of his muscle mass since the age of 50, which has been replaced by fat.

By removing the fat and regenerating lost muscle, we can give the 80-year-old a body composition similar to that one of 20 or even 30 years younger.

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Two men. The first is 20 years older than the second. Not the other way around.

A beach party at 90 is no longer a dream but a real possibility. I have little time to tell you more, but you have no time to lose. You can rebuild your body at any age. It’s like trading in your car for a new one.

When I was in Chicago in 1950, I traded in my Chevrolet, list price $3,000, for an Oldsmobile 98, list price $5,000. I asked the salesman: What is the difference between these two cars?

He said two words: more car.

What do you get when you trade in your body for a new one? More body, more mind, more spirit! Go for it!

Question-and-answer session

Dania Gerhardt: This was wonderful Charles. I mean, I don’t have to add anything, the reaction is so obvious. I really love it that bodybuilding will save humanity, I guess. So, I can also imagine that after this a lot of people will, in the next break, maybe go for the fruit rather than for the cake, and maybe run home instead of taking the train. Would that make you happy?

Charles Eugster: Well, as far as fruit is concerned, I would just like to say that in the Garden of Eden, if Adam had refused the fruit offered by Eve, and instead eaten the snake, protein, the world would be different.

Dania Gerhardt: Thank you, Charles. Thank you so much. Thank you. Wonderful.


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